CD Projekt Red's Stolen Files Have Reportedly Sold on the Dark Web

CD Projekt Red refused to pay the ransom to reclaim their stolen files. Reportedly, the files have now been sold on a dark web auction.

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phoenixwing92d ago

Probably some Chinese company wanted to release their version without copy right laws

potatoseal92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

I think it was just CDPR themselves buying it outside of the auction on the down-low. I mean if it costs that Billion dollar company just 7 million to put this latest massive problem to bed, then I reckon they'd be happy to do so. Imo. I mean the winning bidder also made it so the code would not be distributed to anyone else publicly or privately. Apparently it was part of the deal.

gamer780490d ago

Highly doubt that. It’s not like thieves are big on honoring their end of the deal...

Orbilator90d ago

Let's hope someone else get access to it and see the shit fly after that. Be name calling everywhere

89d ago
Highrevz89d ago

I wouldn’t be surprised by this either.

You could go deeper and say the hack never actually existed and the story was fabricated by CDPR to take pressure of the negative press they have had recently.

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Kabaneri90d ago

China has stolen billions of dollars worth of IP from US and Europe thats a fact.

anubusgold90d ago

@Kabaneri No thats a common lie US companies gave away their tech to the chinese for access to their slave labor that was in those contracts for operating in china .

anast90d ago


Another ignorant comment. Plus, I suppose the US and Europe are the only 2 saints on the block? what a joke.

frostypants90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

@anubusgold Chinese companies are notorious for stealing the IP of small time US inventors and putting it on the market before they've had a chance to. It's not just about big corporations. China's theft of international IP is a massive and we'll known issue. It's not even a matter of debate. That economy is largely built on it.

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Darkborn90d ago

Somehow tencent is going to end up buying CDPR lol.

FanboysKiller90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Is it the company that makes mobile games? I think there's something fishy, it's hard to believe that all what happened to them a coincidence , the Witcher 3 didn't costs them much and yet they make a lot, some big names are jealous of their success and want to monopolies the market .

DOMination-90d ago

Their parent company owns GOG which will always be a good little money maker - especially for the pretentious/mac owning anti-drm crowd

Tacoboto90d ago

In three years, we'll know who bought it when we see CDPR pull a Bethesda and sue a developer based on its glitches

Dfooster90d ago

Nobody is interested. I'm sure they have a backup copy

metalhead89d ago

Why is it this company that is being targeted? They mess up ONE game and that is reason to jeopardize the financial well being of all the regular devs just trying to put food on the table?

At least go after EA, Ubisoft, or Activision that has been raping gamers wallets for YEARS!!!

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