Godfall Primal Update is Out Now on PlayStation 5 and PC

Kyle_GBX Writes: "Thank you to all the fans of Godfall for your continued support since release! As mentioned in December, we’ve planned to release a free content update in early 2021 called the Primal Update, which offers more challenging content for endgame players and introduces a new loot category called Primal Items. Additionally, there will be a way for you to progress and improve your character even after reaching max level."

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Darkborn61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Matchmaking would probably make this game actually fun. I didn't finish it because it just got boring after the first few biomes.

I wonder who is going to pay for that first expansion.


Same here. Playing solo is not what I expected when I bought this game. Until they put matchmaking I'm done with it.

Darkborn60d ago

Exactly. They talked about multiplayer the whole time.

raiden_18860d ago

I still think the game is vastly overpriced on the PSN store. In my opinion it should be between £35-£45. Here's hoping👍

fonduktoe60d ago

This game was a total failure. These devs suck.