Microsoft cautiously optimistic about Xbox sales

Fresh off strong Black Friday sales of its XBox 360 videogame consoles, Microsoft Corp is "cautiously optimistic" about the holiday shopping season, a senior executive said on Wednesday.

But things could get tougher next year, said Shane Kim, Microsoft's vice president of strategy and business development for the videogame business, as the economy gets sicker and people cut back spending even more.

The video game business is on track to grow 20 percent this year, Kim told the Reuters Media Summit in New York, but "people are not projecting that kind of growth" for 2009.

"Who knows, maybe flat performance will be considered a remarkable achievement," Kim said. "It's difficult to predict the future," he said, adding that the gaming industry has traditionally fared well in economic downturns as people turn to stay-at-home entertainment.

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sajj3163697d ago

I like this version of Shane Kim

Johnny Rotten3697d ago

well my friends just died 2 days ago so there's another sale.

jadnice3697d ago

Sony's current number one problem is the price point. So many times I am in EB games (formally known as) only to here parent and adults a like pick the 360, before they are even told of what games it has, based on price.

2009 is Sony last change to have a steady increase in hardware sales before they are forever stuck in 3rd place this Gen cycle.

darthv723697d ago

Sony has been president of the game the last two terms. It is time for a change. Obama360 FTW!!