What's so good about Hades after 400 hours?

What is it about some games that makes you never want to stop playing them? In this episode of Gaming: The Podcast, Indie By Design's John Robertson and Stace Harman discuss the experience, gameplay and rewards of Supergiant Games' Hades after 400 hours of play.

How much new and unseen content still remains after so many gameplay hours? What is so rewarding as to make you want to keep coming back? Does the game still offer a challenge? How has mastery of over the tool-set changed how you see and think about the game?

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Levii_92225d ago

Hades is an awesome game,one of the best of 2020.. however i dont get people that praise it for being so varied and for being able to play it more than 40-ish hours (that was the limit for me) and never get bored .. let alone 400 hours.

Sure yes it is a super varied game when it comes to the gameplay BUT the big issue that killed the game for me after 30 or so hours was the repetitive boss fights,enemies and level layouts. It never changed. So after 7 or 8 times of escaping HADES i droped it.