Sony must fix their Firmware size Issues

Sony are going to have to take a look at how they are upgrading the firmware on the PS3 as it is just a complete and utter waste of money at the moment.

The latest firmware version (2.53) has been released and included in it is the ability to play flash movies full screen and… that's it… Nothing more.

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Darkseider3699d ago

This guys opinion is a complete and utter waste of my time. There now we are even. kthxbye

issa30323699d ago

I love the fact that everytime there is an update you redownload the whole firmware and install it. It is not just a patch. This insures that none of your older firmware gets corrupted and you get a fresh install everytime. It takes longer to download and install but it is WAYY better than patching. Patching slowly bogs down the OS and you get worse performance. Just imagine how much slower XP or Vista are after all the patches versus just a clean install.

IdleLeeSiuLung3699d ago

It took me freaken 40 minutes to do an firmware 2.53 on the PS3 yesterday. It took me less than 7 minutes (yes, I time them since I noticed my PS3 always took forever) to update to NXE on launch day!

WTF is going on with Sony? All I got was a few measly updates and I had to wait 40 minutes....

Soren the Cat3699d ago

I did not know that was what was happening, I was wondering why it took so long and was such a big download, thanks for the info.

Nineball21123699d ago

Wow, it only took me 5 minutes tops to update mine. That is weird... or is it? It really took you 40 minutes... or did it? Hmmm...

sonarus3699d ago

Well it took me like 5mins tops for 2.53. It depends on your connection but in general Xbox live update speeds are approx 10x faster than PSN

That being said this article is dumb. I know everyone has an opinion on how company x should run their business but this guy just proves that our opinions are usually useless. How you can say sony is wasting money on their updates is just beyond me. Sony has their own business may prefer Microsoft way of doing things but sony will take the route that is most beneficial to them

Parapraxis3699d ago

When I update I give all possible bandwidth to my PS3, actually when I do ANYTHING online with my PS3 I do this.
I turn off any p2p software I may have running and everything is super fast on the PS3.
A lot of people I think
a) Have too much stuff running on their network, chewing up bandwidth
b) don't have their routers/networks properly configured.

In the end, SONY is providing a free service, with free updates and free content. Your inability to configure your networks is NOT their fault, and some people (like myself) like having updates (that are easy & fast to install).

People always love to b!tch.

joemayo763699d ago

i do *kinda* agree in the sense some updates are a lil on the long side, but hey if u got plans theres that auto-off when install is complete so prob solved. Also writing about the amount of money and time being spent installing updates from a site called lazygamer i find somewhat comical in the sense that i don't know what else these guys probably do to better use there time. XD

ShinMaster3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

It took me no more than 10 MINUTES to download 2.53, and less than 1 minute to install it.

Maybe it was just bad timing on your part, bad connection, or simply just bull...?

NXE was a patch, btw. That's also why there's so many bugs. Like freezing or audio annihilation(lol)

RussDeBuss3699d ago

I'm averaging about 10 minutes

Real Gambler3699d ago

How can you play a game online with such a slow internet connection?

I have a very average internet provider, and while it was downloading, I had to stand up, take out LBP, walk to my game shelf, pick Resistance 2, walk back to PS3, insert Resistance. Ok, I took my time, but basically it took just over a minute. Then, I had to install the firmware, which took just a little bit longer. And I was ready to play.

I can just imagine you trying to download a HD movie uncompressed (25gig). Your grandchilds will be able to watch it!

JHUX3699d ago

Im on cable, and I've never had to download an update that took much over 5minutes. My guess is you have either bad DSL, or a sh1tty wireless.

SlappyMcTaint3699d ago

Try opening up ports on the PS3 -that always helps. Since I did, any PSN downloads use my full 12mb bandwidth. And updates are fast.

barom3699d ago

IdleLee (who is my brother btw) is just confusing himself over the speed of Xbox Live. While it did indeed take him 40 min to download PS3 firmware (30 min for me). The xbox firmware took 20 min to download which is still faster but it's not 7 min fast. I remember because he came into my room and told me it took 20 minutes to download and install the firmware and then later on he came in and told me it took him 7 minutes to install Gears Of War 2 to the hard drive. He told me this in Norwegian in which case the numbers 20 and 7 actually sound very similiar.

Of course it could've been me hearing it wrong too but it sounds too much of a coincidence that both the installation of a game to hard drive and the download of a firmware took 7 minutes.

-EvoAnubis-3699d ago

Two PS3s, wireless internet, downloaded and installed FW, began first game of Warhawk for the night. Total elasped time: 8 minutes.

Here's a video a good friend of mine in Wales recorded as he updated his PS3.

Tainted Gene3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

When I play online w/my PS3 or 360 my (cable) connection is great, 90 percent of the time, few issues, and almost no lag. But its just when I get the firmware updates from PSN does it take a long time. I don't know why either, plus its still the case when I've given all available bandwidth to my PS3 too.

So I really really do feel for the guy when he says it takes 40 mins to get the update, it took me about 52 mins to get the 2.53 (was watching two episodes of "Family Guy" while waiting...great show).

I guess in hind sight it just a minor inconvenience and its like what some already stated, the stability of the install instead of just a patch is beneficial. I just don't like how (almost) everyone would rather just say "WHAT it took 40 mins, thats BS you lying sack of @#[email protected]#" instead of just assuming that he might actually be telling the truth and just want to share his problems. Just because you lucky enough to get the updates quickly and easily consistently doesn't mean everyone does.

Rhythmattic3698d ago

As You posted 22 Days Ago.

"I agree with the speed on downloads. I'm not sure how big firmware 2.52 was, but it freaken took me 40 minutes to download. I was like WTF? "

40 Mins more than once...

You have a problem... Not you personally, but no update, absolutely NONE has taken more than 5 mins for me.

I'm guessing, Just guessing its a Firewall/Port-forwarding issue....

IdleLeeSiuLung3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

It might be different regions and such differences in the speed i.e. if you are getting it from a European server as opposed to US. Although I won't rule out problems with my network, it has run rock solid on a WRT54GL router with a Linux based firmware. Ports are opened based on UPnP.

Torrents, Xbox and other stuff on the network haven't had any problems with automatically opening ports.

Even a firmware download on PC from Sony, although faster, yielded a 80Kb/s speed. As my brother said, it did indeed take 40 minutes. Prior to this latest firmware update I said 40 minutes (I think it was 2.51), I was being conservative since I didn't time it exactly. I was really more like an hour, since I also had to do two updates for Haze?

edit: as someone found my comment above, it was firmware 2.52. when I get home I will inspect the ports to see if something isn't amiss... but doubt it.

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gdguide3699d ago

What a COMPLETE waste of time. I would have rather waited until spring to get this..... I HATE getting improvements as soon as possible! Why can't we wait half a year before we get these improvements? I wish we could just get them in big huge lumps and not have any improvements for 6 months even though we could get them as soon as they arrive! Stupid Sony! LOL

DaSaintFan3699d ago

Plain and simple.. in coding it's always much easier to check smaller subroutines when they're buggy and have problems then having to go through entire 'huge' spaghetti code.

Sony (and to include a non-gaming enterprise, Mozilla as an example) realizes that and realizes that if they release available bits and pieces and something goes wrong, there's only a smaller area they have to check to resolve (see 2.40 to 2.41 firmware issues for instance). The issues was major (crashing some entire systems), but it only took 1 to 2 days to find the problem from 2.4 and resolve it for 2.41).

Microsoft on the other hand, tends to go with the bulk updates, and if you'll notice (whether for the XBL, IE, or windows), it takes them much longer to get the updates done/patches created... and you have more unhappy customers at one time.

Sitdown3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I completely missed why you disagreed with him...and I see at least two people completely missed his sarcasm.

Edit: Okay..make that at least 3 people. @DaSaintFan, I can understand with regards to fanboys making outlandish comments and being completely serious about....sometimes it is hard to believe that some people can be so in left field trying to defend their console of choice.

jkoz3699d ago

DaSaintFan... I think gd's sarcasm flew over your head... way over, in fact...

Motion3699d ago

i think he was being completely sarcastic...

DaSaintFan3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Yeah, if it was intended as sarcasm, sit... I missed it completely... (Feel free to just hit me with the trademark clue-bat(tm) a few times... Maybe I'll get my senses back...

(Or i've gotten so used to seeing fanboys who honestly believe when they write out stuff like gd's post, that I had to turn off my sarcasm meter... or I'll just assume it was all written as sarcasm.)

(So a major doofus-me award has been backordered for myself!)

IdleLeeSiuLung3699d ago

Well anytime you do an update there is a small risk that something goes wrong, i.e. power goes out, faulty write and etc...

It is true that small updates are easier to manage, duh. However, I don't want to be bombarded with an update all the time with very little or some times insignificant features added. So far we received 2.50, 2.51 and 2.53.... next we got 2.54....

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TheHater3699d ago

this website is complaining that Sony is release firmware was soon as they are finish with it? I don't see anyone else is complaining.

Proxy3699d ago

Once they finish something, they should just sit on it for several months until the quarterly update.

Woof3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Remember that this is a South African site.

Most people in South Africa have a 3gb cap and pay huge amounts of money for it

shqype3699d ago

You're right. We take it for granted living in the US, but people pay for the internet in other parts of the world.

Although, I disagree with the guy who wrote the article; I would much rather have small updates sooner than rather updates later. As soon as they're available, I want them!

This also was a pretty big update to download, so I'm glad it wasn't coupled in with other things too.

Kyur4ThePain3699d ago

But, in some countries people don't have electricity. Should Sony develop a wind-up version of the PS3 for them?

Epic3699d ago

Brilliant Comment.
Concise and Witty and trumps so many people's misguided logic.

hehe "Wind-Up PS3s"


gw4k3699d ago

In my opinion, it really isn't a problem but a annoyance. When you download anything, games, demos, firmware, etc, you have to download it then it has to install. That is irritating when compared to the 360.

On the 360 you download and rock on. No install time. Me likes that.

Again, minor complaint nothing big.

I am not going to read this article as it looks to be BS!

InMyOpinion3699d ago

lol! You will get toasted for that comment.

Aclay3699d ago

@ gw4k,

"When you download anything, games, demos, firmware, etc, you have to download it then it has to install"

Whenever I downloaded the latest Itunes update and the latest Ipod Touch update this past week, first I had to DOWNLOAD it, THEN it had to install onto my computer/Ipod, so what's the difference between that and downloading stuff from the PS3? Nothing at all.

Wolverick3699d ago

Didn't the NXE have an install process after the download was complete?