Linden Lab misuses Reuters employee credit card

Massively: "What's worse than having a service provider slap a fat charge on your credit card that's not supposed to be there? It's having it happen a second time, after they've assured you that your credit-card details have been expunged from their records.

News agency Thomson Reuters employee, Evan Maloney, is in just that position in his evocatively titled email to the public regapi list "Linden can't be trusted with your credit card information". Maloney's been slapped with the US$500 fee for the Reuters Second Life surname not once, but twice. Last time it took many weeks to sort out -- Maloney isn't eligible for customer support, not being a premium account -- so trying to reach someone at Linden Lab via the mailing list seems to be his primary support option for getting things fixed."

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LokMessier3696d ago

Glad I left.

It was pretty fun and interesting the amount of customization you could use for your avatar and the little role-playing games you could have within the game. [Even some of the star wars battling in their was pretty neat.] But alas most of it got boring and now that I see all this trouble brewing I more than likely won't return. Though I'll keep my account since it has a whole boat load of items.