Ubisoft Confirms New The Division Content Coming in 2021 and 2022

Ubisoft has confirmed more The Division content is coming this year & in 2022 even with Massive Entertainment working on the open-world Star Wars game.

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Giblet_Head61d ago

No you were right the first time. They dropped the ball with the sequel. It's an absolute mess.

61d ago
TheColbertinator61d ago

Another siege on the Capitol coming up

Nitrowolf261d ago

inb4 costumes themed after it too

Skate-AK61d ago

Please give me face paint and horns.

excaliburps61d ago

I hope it's significant DLC and not just seasonal stuff. I mean, that's technically "content" but it's not really exciting. Maybe another major expansion? Not sure how many people are playing it nowadays, so unsure if it's worth Ubisoft's time to invest and make more premium DLC.

REDGUM61d ago

Let's hope they fix what's missing on the ps5 version before anymore dlc when compared to the xbox version.
Not sure why there's a difference at all to be honest.

G1L60d ago

They havent released a hotfix yet?

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