The Elusive Empowerment of One Elena Fisher

Have you ever noticed that Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series opens through the lens of a camera? Not just any camera, of course, but that of Elena Fisher. While women do feature throughout the franchise, and even lead the acclaimed tie-in The Lost Legacy, only Elena appears in every game. Frankly, she’s one of the best parts of them.

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badz149134d ago

I like Elena very very much to the point that I kinda feel a little bit jealous of Nate. there I said it!

phoenixwing134d ago

Kill a million mercenaries and you too can win her heart xD

SullysCigar134d ago

Well she sure doesn't love him for his gaming prowess, going by my Crash performance lol

TricksterArrow134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Elena is one of the better female characters in gaming: she is flawed, not above admitting she was wrong, has her own personality and quirks and always try to make the best of a bad situation... People tend to overlook her a bit. I adore her!

Regarding the article: the game does not "elusively empower Elena", she is her own force and she porbably has her own story where she could be the protagonist, as an intrepid journalist. But that is not the game, the game is Nathan's story and the way he views Elena is always as someone who he can count on, but has the need to protect at all costs (not that she *needs* it, but he *wants* to). This is hardly a detriment to her character, who proves herself and even saves Nathan time and time again, including from himself.

Kornholic134d ago

"not above admitting she was wrong"

This makes her an unrealistic character, though.

InUrFoxHole134d ago

You gotta plat all the games 1st!

sourOG133d ago

She’s cool but Chloe is a boss. I would t mind her taking over.

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