List of Changes for Upcoming Fable II Patch

Lionhead has revealed a list of details on what changes/fixes the upcoming patch for Fable II will make. The patch is almost finished, but is currently being tested and finalized, although it should be released soon.

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Cat3702d ago

The T.O.B.Y. quest woes drove me batty, glad this stuff is getting fixed - gotta love "Your child - will no longer be chosen as an assassination target" ;) ah, good times...

kewlkat0073702d ago

I have not connected and played with anyone else online..

pathetic fanboys3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

after spending hours on fable2 got stuck, and is still stuck in the room at the beginning of the hero of skill quest. does this mean the patch will fix it for her, or will she have to do it all again?

bless her, i've tried loads of things to get her into gaming, and when she finally starts showing an interest. blam after 30+ hours on a game, she gets a terrible game breaking glitch.

i love fable2, but it's a disgrace that games should launch with such bugs.

i've completed it, and i did'nt encounter one bug. just the missus i'm afraid.

Cat3702d ago

kewlkat- it's a bug with the T.O.B.Y. quest that keeps you from progressing. Obviously the bug doesn't happen for everyone just like that is the only one of those bugs listed that happened for me.

@pathetic fanboys: that's one of the bug fixes listed, so she should be fine to fire up the game again

wicked3702d ago

I can not stay online, keeps disconnecting me after about 5 minutes. I have tried it with friends only orbs on, all orbs on. My son has no problem at all when he logs in with his gamer tag. Anyone else have this problem?

InMyOpinion3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

I must have been lucky cause I haven't encountered any bugs(unless you count the red/blue ones) at all. I'm past the Spire. It runs great from the hdd.

3702d ago
Perjoss3702d ago

I love fable2, I'm playing it in chunks in between sessions of Left 4 Dead (amazing online), Lich King (very nice), Mirrors Edge (also very nice) and Red Alert 3 (I'm also loving this).

(this message got alot of text in brackets for some reason)

Uwe_Boll3702d ago

iv already swapped mine for LBP because of the bloodstone glitch,i don't think i will buy it again because it shows devs can get away with releasing an unfinished game

Perjoss3702d ago

I don't think they care, they already got your money. But game breaking glitches are horrible so I understand your frustration, luckily I have not come across any myself.

003702d ago

I mean you get away with your unfinished movies. :)

Uwe_Boll3702d ago

why have i got disagrees for stating a fact, xbots cant accept the truth, i had to after losing 20 hours worth of game time.

Eiffel3702d ago

How do you know its only xbox users who are giving you disagrees..very close minded to pent a set of people up, just cause someone out there does not agree with you.

Uwe_Boll3702d ago

Because its an xbox exclusive and therefore people with xboxs will read this story, its an xbox exclusive. Why would someone disagree with me unless they didn't like that i was saying something bad about the game.

Eiffel3702d ago

Couldn't be the fact that this is the internet so any ones opinion or anything for that matter receives negative vibes.

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deeznuts3702d ago

Just started this. First RPG in decades! I find the movement/control a little, shall I say, off? Kind of like steering a big car vs. a small one. I'm use to razor sharp controls I guess. Not a huge detriment, just have to get used to it a bit.

InMyOpinion3702d ago

The character runs kind of floaty, but when fighting I think the controls are spot on.

3702d ago
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