VGR: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm review


"Sure it's not my cup of tea and it doesn't change the formula of these games that much, it does create something that the fans have been asking for. A re-telling of the show's story upto a certain point, plus the option to have English or Japanese voices for those purists. It's a shame that there's no online play, instead the game is limited to 2 player local multiplayer…which I find unacceptable for a PS3 game. The game could have benefited so much more from online, perhaps even adding an expansion for more characters or story elements…it seems like a missed opportunity.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm won't blow you away with originality, but it can be fun in small doses. Fans will lap it up and take everything they can from it, but for the rest of us…it seems like a good game that doesn't break the mould of the fighting genre."

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