Jolly Warning

Screen Play: "The Interactive Entertainment of Australia is warning consumers to avoid pirated games this Christmas, despite their own figures suggesting that just 20 per cent of pirated games are purchased from overseas vendors or market stalls.

The IEAA's figures suggest half of all pirated games are supplied by family and friends, while 26 per cent are downloaded from online file sharing sites.

The recent Interactive Australia 2009 report by Bond University surveyed 1600 households and found just 17 per cent "admitted" to owning pirated games.

But Ron Curry, CEO of the IEAA, says the greater acceptance and participation in game playing in the community has had "a significant impact" on piracy levels.

"Christmas serves as a timely reminder that the seizure of pirated games, DVDs and equipment is a serious offence and police around the country are taking a strong stance against individuals and organisations involved in importing, distributing and selling illegal pirated games."

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