Ubisoft Moving Away From Reliance on AAA Releases

Ubisoft doesn't want to be as reliant on AAA game releases as it has in the past, and will instead looking more closely at free-to-play games and its back catalog to make money.

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Bathyj62d ago

Don't support this people. If you do you'll only have yourselves to blame for what gaming becomes.

Godmars29062d ago

But you already did.

Not like "AAA" actually meant large budget effort and or resources, just advertising. Now they're moving onto the next thing, making microtransactions a fully established part of gaming while mainstream gaming itself becomes "free" and enough people are going to buy into to make complaints meaningless.

bouzebbal61d ago

I never buy Ubi games they aren't for me.. But d### move from this money worshipping company

outsider162461d ago

Ffs..does this mean no Splinter Cell anymore? F##k this shit!!

LucasRuinedChildhood62d ago

Stopped buying new Ubisoft games a while ago, even on sale. The quality of their games has fallen so much (minimal personality, just a product), and they've fallen far below EA and Activision to me (at least they've had Sekiro, Crash 4, Pro Skater 1 + 2, Fallen Order, Titanfall 2).

They're making great money from their single-player games. I was kind of interested in Immortals after a long break from Ubisoft games, but what's the point? Supporting it won't change anything now. They've already decided to move their focus away from a game like Immortals. No NEW IP or Splinter Cell, Prince Of Persia, Rayman, etc. Really saddened by this, tbh.


Hmm Immortals Fenix Rising was pretty good

Michiel198961d ago

Ever since they released AC1 their games have just been to formulaic, it was noticeable in ac1 allready. You had 3 missions (steal, assasinate and another one i forgot) and they just repeated that over and over in different areas. It was an excellent game for the time but it hasnt done ubisoft any favors in the long run relying on their formulaic design, almost all their games feel the same.

Aussiesummer61d ago

They said they're concentrating on back catalogue so how did you come up with "no splinter cell, Prince of Persia, rayman ect" ?

LucasRuinedChildhood61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


When they use the term "back catalog", they seem to be referring more to games with recurrent revenue like Siege.

"As an example, six-year-old Rainbow Six Siege added 15 million new players in the last 12 months, growing to 70 million total players since launch, and is still a major revenue driver for the publisher."

Also, I was saying no "NEW" installments of those games. I know that they're already remaking Sands Of Time but I have my doubts that they're going to actually make a new one. They initially gave the project to a very inexperienced team until very recently when they started to take it more seriously.

And if they're releasing less AAA games, that doesn't really leave much room for a "NEW" Splinter Cell or Prince Of Persia, or any interesting new IP.

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RedDevils61d ago

Good think I skipped Ubisoft games for about a console generation now.

Darkborn62d ago

Time to break out the remakes and battle passes. This isn't what I wanted to hear after their supposed restrcutoring and scandals, not to mention their newly announced open world star wars rpg. It's probably going to be a f2p battle Royale now.

phoenixwing62d ago

f2p battle royal is better than whatever avengers is (which is likely what they would have done had it been more successful)

phoenixwing62d ago

the only way this could turn out acceptable is if they follow the genshin impact model and make the storyline playable with dlc for extra characters

SDuck62d ago

hahahaha don't expect that

phoenixwing62d ago

I don't really expect it. Ubisoft is greedy.

Michiel198961d ago

hahahah you gotta be joking? You think gacha is the best f2p model? You are literally being taken advantage off.
Look on youtube for a video: "lets go whaling" and after you finished watching that tell me again if you think gacha is an acceptable model for games. Its a cancer and should be eradicated.

"ubisoft is greedy" bro you gotta wake up, gacha games are as greedy as it gets. Tell me any other f2p model where you can spend thousands of dollars and still not get what you want.

phoenixwing61d ago

Michiel genshin impact does not paywall the main storyline of the game. People spending exorbitantly on characters and weapons is their own thing to deal with. You can easily enjoy the game without spending a dime.

Michiel198961d ago

I never said u cant enjoy the game, i never played it but it looks like a decent game, its just a shame its a preditory monetarization. If i play a game f2p or just regular p2p i want to be able to get the best equipment etc without breaking into my life savings, or rather not paying anything extra at all. This is not about the game genshin impact and how good or bad it is, its just about the monetization.

Take a look at what Path of Exile or Dota 2 does for example, they dont paywall any of the main content aka gameplay, but if you want fancy cosmetics then you can choose to pay, but the gameplay doesnt change if i pay or not. Gacha just impacts the gameplay and rewards you get, and yes they can give out enough free stuff that you dont feel the need to spend which is great, but it still doesnt change that its just a horrible monetization system, it preys on people feeling the urge to keep up with power/characters and does it in very methodic ways.

SoulWarrior62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Oh no, sounds like a move towards live service, weekly challenges and battle passes, wonder what they'd remaster though.

Where is Rayman though, ubisoft?

rdgneoz362d ago

"Oh no, sounds like a move towards live service, weekly challenges and battle passes,"

AC Vahalla has weekly and daily challenges, free seasonal events/dlc over time, and a season pass. Same goes for Watch Dogs Legion and The Division 2. Ubi has been doing that for a while now, though you'll probably get more expansions / season passes like Division 2 did with the Warlords expansion and now the season passes (which is on like it's 4th season already).

Milkshake21262d ago

Where's my Rayman, Ubisoft?

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