Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy Review | BaziCenter

BaziCenter: "Atelier Ryza 2 doesn't have the perfect rhythm, but is almost exactly what you'd expect from a game in Atelier series, and a JRPG in general. Atelier Ryza 2 builds on the series core elements and improves them at the same time, and is a great choice for both the fans of the series and the fans of JRPG genre."

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andy8559d ago

Playing part 1 at the moment whilst I wait for Yakuza to be released, it's good. Surprised I haven't got into this series earlier

Nyxus58d ago

I just bought the first part myself. My first game in the series.

TheColbertinator59d ago

It is ok so far but once again nothing interesting in the story