EU says Microsoft’s Zenimax deal ‘could fall within rules’ but no approval yet

From VGC: "The European Union has found that Microsoft’s proposed $7.5 billion acquisition of ZeniMax could fall within its competition regulations, but no final decision has been made on the deal.

As reported last week, the EU will decide by March 5 whether to clear the acquisition, which would see the Xbox firm gain ownership of games publisher Bethesda and its many franchises including Fallout, The Elder Scrolls and Doom."

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BattleCat63d ago

Microsoft always was the monopoly king and tries to be it everywhere. Nothing new.
Sure it will be approved, because Microsoft has its rats everywhere and money and power :)

Michiel198963d ago

yes, the gnomes with pointy hats are whispering in the senators ears!

Bladesfist63d ago

Didn't you know, conspiracy everything is all the rage right now. #5GWeaponisedBats

Sunny_D62d ago

Not sure if you knew this but politicians are bought by lobbyists and corporations all the time.... Especially when it comes to oil.

RedDevils62d ago

Where ever there's oil, 'murica will be there.

63d ago
gamer780463d ago

You realize this is what companies do if they can. Buy up companies that complement their portfolio or compete against it. Sony now owns all anime distri in the US. This is just business.

63d ago
gamer780463d ago

@utopian. And that’s why the eu is going through it’s legal process along with the US to make sure it’s legal which in this case it should be.

Sayai jin62d ago

What monopoly is being formed?

Baytlecat, it's called business. Rats?

62d ago
gamer780462d ago

@utopian it’s my best educated guess. Personally I’d rather there be no exclusives but no one plays that game so ms won’t either.

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lelo2play63d ago

Sony or Nintendo purchasing a bunch of smaller studios to increase their portfolio, what do you call that?

Whitey2k63d ago

Thats different thats just one studio when ur talking about a parent company that could be like up 10 studios maybe more depending who the parent company is and that could equate to an unfair advantage

lelo2play63d ago (Edited 63d ago )


So, if they purchase 10 smaller studios it's ok.
If they purchase a parent company that has 10 smaller studios, it's unfair.

Whitey2k63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

The studios that sony has purchased so far that that pretty much only worked on sonys platform aka insomniac or gran turismo studio kojima productions. And some of them even formed there own studios. Microsoft in the other hand decided to buy studios that made games for all platforms. So now sony has 13 studios compared to when ms had 15 and now tallying upto 23 studios. So u tell me whats fair and unfair

lelo2play63d ago (Edited 63d ago )


Again... so, when Sony had more studios then Microsoft, it was ok.
Now Microsoft has more studios then Sony, it's unfair?

Whitey2k63d ago

Sony never had more studios ms had 15 why sony had 13

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Notellin62d ago

Way better example of monopolies than Microsoft, this just fits your childish fanboy narrative.

rakentaja62d ago

Sony acquisitions is the recent history are absolutely no different than Microsoft's. Sony supporters are the most hypocritical.

NeoGamer23262d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Please prove your comment.

It is completely and utterly nothing but speculation and a conspiracy theory.

If MS is the monopoly king then why have they been in gaming consoles for 20 years and are not a monopoly in gaming?

Silly gameAr62d ago


You make a valid point, and the people coming at your head know that. MS is all about buying up anything that will give them the advantage. They've always been that way and always will be.

S2Killinit62d ago

As much as MS is a shit company constantly pulling shit, this one is because EU has been doing this to our tech giants for a while now, trying to squeeze as much as they can from them in taxes and threats like this one.

62d ago
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Whitey2k63d ago

I believe the main reason they could say it could decline is because it could be giving an unfair advantage to other platforms. Seeing all them developers developing exclusive titles to xbox and pc leaving out the market for sony and Nintendo. If it was individual developers that would be different

UltimateRacer63d ago

Agreed, buying a company of this size that make multi platform games just so you can keep those titles of other platforms is anti consumer and they also hold all of the western RPG studios and titles witch is anti competition, I hope the EU crack the whip at MS and don’t allow this or any big studio acquisitions go ahead.

rakentaja62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Microsoft gives you three ways to play games ... Xbox, PC, or xCloud (tablets and cell phones).
Everyone keep saying that they have a PS5 + PC .. so no problem.

jcole9762d ago

Weren’t you just advocating for sony to buy multiple studios?

“Bluepoint,Housemarque,Kojima productions,Ember Labs and Lucid Games are all possible and should be bought by Sony as they all have a close relationship with Sony, to me it’s a no brainer. Hopefully Sony buys up Konami IPs to, best suited for PlayStation.”

Cosmoplayer8462d ago

But if it was sony i'm sure it will not be a problem for a lot . There is a two weights two measures when we talk about microsoft.

cabbitwithscissors62d ago

@rakentaga Yes, MS does do that and they have inherent control over all those platforms. As Apple has shown, you control the platform and eco-system, you control the game and the mindset of users.
Power begets corruption and absolute power ... you know the rest. There is a reason why we cannot let corporations get too big where they start to control the narrative and start stamping down on others. Remember Google's famous tagline "Do no evil"? Do you see?

cabbitwithscissors62d ago

@Cosmoplayer84 MS is a Trillion $ company. Big companies have different rules compared to smaller ones. Giving a company overwhelming control over an industry is not a great idea.
What's more, MS skin in the game is that a majority of their business is cloud, software, licensing and such. Gaming is just one small portion of their business, and they are using that to prop up their gaming business even if it is at a loss and this is not good. Have you ever complained about games where monetization is built in and where players who are "whales" can just buy the best equipment and levels and excessive amount of gold and get ahead of the game, while you go the standard route and slog through levels just to get to the next level? Well this is exactly it.

UltimateRacer62d ago

@Jcole97 there’s a huge difference in buying up studios that only make games for you and buying up a huge multi platform publisher just to keep those games of your competitors consoles.

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ABizzel163d ago

It has more to do with preventing an EU develoepr monopoly with the collaboration and partnerships they've had across the board with those devs, more so than the competition.

62d ago
Vx_63d ago

This is pointless news for me as a gamer, if MS can’t produce some high quality games yet, because it’s been years now since they have given us anything worth it.

MrDead63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Why produce anything when you can just take what's already there, being the well documented pos that MS are they have no issue in taking away products that people have been invested in for over 25 years and keeping it for themselves.
MS are a monopoly, they have been fighting antitrust cases for 30+ years but unfortunately money talks, any of the big tech giants buying into this industry is bad news because if its profitable enough they will just take everything.

Atom66662d ago

Holding onto that Netscape grudge for a long time, aren't you?

Tedakin62d ago

Gears 5, Ori and Flight Simulator in the last year or so.

Vx_62d ago

Gear 5 is an average game and one of the worst Gears.
Ori isn’t an exclusive, actually it’s more fun to be played on the switch
Flight simulator.. well it is a simulator not a game

CrimsonWing6963d ago

Let Xbox have it, they barely have anything else going for them.

Orchard62d ago

One salty fanboy to go please.

RangerWalk26762d ago

I see so days exclusives being a win for everybody. Especially Redbox. Their stock goes up every time Sony releases an exclusive.
That's how I play my one and done games

ScootaKuH63d ago

When Microsoft flash the cash towards the EU I'm sure it'll get approved

DJStotty63d ago

No, paying for approval, that would be illegal. This is the normal process that happens on a day to day business with the purchasing of assetts/companies, and mergers.

There is no reason this will be denied, just following the rules.

ScootaKuH63d ago

It would be illegal but it doesn't mean it doesn't happen

DJStotty63d ago

It most probably doesn't happen lol.

63d ago
DJStotty63d ago


So you reckon Microsoft are going to pay the EU for approval for the acquisition of Zenimax?

Why do that when they can just get it approved for free legally? If that is the case, the EU would deny all applications, and then wait for the payoff proposal.

Absolutely nonsense some people come out with....

RedDevils62d ago

We get it, you're getting wet over this.

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