Incredible Games That Recovered from Disastrous Launches

From Xfire: "Video game launches aren't always sunshine and rainbows. More often than not, a game launches only to be met with negative receptions from both fans and critics alike. This effectively condemns it to failure, even after what are sometimes multiple future attempts to fix and improve the game. However, while the gaming industry has seen its fair share of flops, some video games have managed to rise above it all."

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DaniMacYo60d ago

I'm still loving the Arkham series, I just finshed Asylum and about to started City, then Knight. I'm on the PS5 with the Return to Arkham trilogy. Great series. I do feel bad for the PC players back when Knight was released. I'm sure it's much better to play nowadays. Anyways cheers.

toxic-inferno60d ago

How does the series play on PS5? Any noticeable improvements?

I love the Arkham series - I go back to those games every few years. Not a bad game amongst them.

Hard8times60d ago

It's the best way to play on PC 4k 120fps max settings

XXXL60d ago

Asylum and City were great. Knight sucked. Shoe-horned in batmobile segments be damned, the thing that made me most angry was the story. They really had a nice set-up with the Hush storyline in City, only to ditch it. Awful writing.

fsfsxii59d ago

my problem with knight was the locked true ending, the game is BLOATED, no way I'm wasting my time collecting BS riddler's trophies, I already did that in City, difference in City was the game was small with enough content, actual content with substance like the mission where you track the guy in red who foretells the events in Arkham knight and deadshot side missions.

Nodoze60d ago

Arkham Asylum is a fantastic game. Captured the essence of the Batman universe. Great acting. Great series.

Absolutely tragic that Rocksteady is moving away from Batman. I think Suicide Squad is not going to go well for them sadly. I am going to try to remain hopeful...but I think the curse of Superman will get them.

rdgneoz360d ago

Yah, they're going from a great series (Asylum and city were great, Knight was OK) that was focused on combos, gadgets, stealth, and story, to what (from the CGI trailer they showed) will a 4 player arcade shooter / beat em up game. Hopefully it goes well.

zacfoldor60d ago

I know it gets a lot of flack because of the Batmobile, but I actually loved Arkham Knight.

The Batmobile missions were, imo, NOT as good as most of the other content, but I just disagree with how much of an impact they had. After reading the reviews, I expected the Batmobile stuff to be a constant annoyance, but once I actually got into the game, the Batmobile parts were at least somewhat fun, and they were not as heavily focused as I believed they would be after reading reviews. I also loved the story and character dynamics. VA and graphics were incredible. I just loved that game. IMO, it is by no means bad, and a really fun game all around.

Unknown_Gamer579460d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I think a game with the Batmobile had to be made, regardless. Maybe it didn't live up to the hype, but at least we got the chance to drive it. Aww, now we need a game with the Batwing.

jaymacx59d ago

At least from my perspective most of us didn't hate the bat-mobile, we hated the Tank Missions and having to fight a major villain in a tank.

Storm2360d ago

DriveClub ended up being absolutely incredible. Should be on the list

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