DiRtY955d ago

I always forget what a moneymaker Minecraft is for Xbox. It is ridiculously successful after all these years.


PlayStation Plus March 2023 Free Games and Game Catalog Lineup Revealed

Sony has revealed the PlayStation Plus March 2023 free games and Premium/Extra game catalog lineup during State of Play.

Orchard211d ago

Dungeons and Ghostwire being in PS+ shows that MS are not blocking off their titles from coming to PS+, provided Sony are willing to pay (which is a fair ask).

Kornholic211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Lol, you are getting desperate.

And careless as a result. You forgot that MS is absolutely blocking Zenimax titles from PlayStation. New entries in legendary multiplatform game series such as Elder Scrolls or Doom will not be appearing on PS5, or PS+ for that matter. Starfield isn't coming to PS5 either.

shinoff2183211d ago

Kornholic don't forget fallout imo the best of them

Orchard211d ago

Well, maybe they can work out a deal with MS to bring those games to PlayStation? MS has already said they will bring their games to Switch.

VenomUK211d ago

For PS Plus Extra subscribers it's a good month with a spread of some big third-party games.

Personally, I hope Tchia plays as good as it looks and sounds.

Shane Kim211d ago

I really hope Sony dosen't strike a deal. I hope they focus on what they do and let all those games fail now that they arent on PS.

tay8701211d ago

@venom, I am surprised more people aren't talking about tchia. Been waiting for it since last yr. Awesome that is going to br on ps plus

shinoff2183211d ago

Orchard I'd honestly be down with that

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shinoff2183211d ago

That ps plus deal could've been worked out before. You don't know that. Stop spewing bs dude

Orchard211d ago

Worked out before? They acquired Mojang in 2014, Zenimax in 2021.

Similarly, the PS+ Extra/Premium tiers didn't even exist until March 2022.

None of this stuff was 'worked out before'.

darkrider211d ago

You are right. Of course they worked out before, because they already planned this for the plus service. Sony isn't run by a second hand car salesmen

Orchard211d ago (Edited 211d ago )


So Sony, sometime before 2014, signed a deal for a game that wouldn't exist until 2020, so that they could bring that game to PS+ in 2023?

Seems unlikely.

shinoff2183211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Sony had to have been working toward those tiers for ps plus for some time, negotiating deals etc for quite some time that ain't gonna happen overnight.

I'm referencing ghostwire. Maybe you know something I don't and ghostwire had been in development since 2014. Idk what your talking about. Contracts can also be renegotiated to. You ever seen that. Happens all the time. Especially in sports. So it's not a brand new concept.

Orchard211d ago

@Shinoff 2014 was a reference to Mojang. Dungeons (2020) is in there. Microsoft has owned that studio since 2014. So it's very unlikely this was a 'pre-acquisition leftover deal'.

Clearly negotiated a new contract and paid for at least that game.

porkChop210d ago

From what the PS Plus staff have said before on the PS blog these deals are often made months in advance. They don't usually set these up years prior. However, things are clearly different in the case of Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo.

Sony paid for exclusivity for both games, and both games launched or will launch on PS Plus one year after release. It's likely a way for Sony to steal some thunder from the games launching on Xbox and GP the same month.

That's exactly what happened with Deathloop. So I imagine we'll be hearing about an Xbox release of Ghostwire in the next couple weeks.

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LucasRuinedChildhood211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo are subject to pre-existing agreements. It was likely already agreed ***with Bethesda*** to come to PS Now (or its equivalent) 1 year after its PS5 release, just like Deathloop did.

It's unlikely that they paid MS anything for it, and if they did, Sony probably availed of an option already stipulated in their contract which could also include a parity clause.

I'm pretty sure you understand these things.

Orchard211d ago

PS+ Premium/Extra didn't exist when Sony signed the Deathloop/Ghostwire contracts.

Also, Dungeons came out 6 years after Microsoft acquired Mojang, so obviously no pre-acquisition contract existed there.

darkrider211d ago

Damn, somebody doesn't understand that even if it didn't exist at that time you can put on the contract...

LucasRuinedChildhood211d ago (Edited 211d ago )


PS Plus Extra/Premium is a relaunch/rebrand of PS Now, and almost certainly did not invalidate anything in the contract ... unless you're claiming that it was horrendously written. lol.

I already explained this before you replied - "to come to PS Now (or its equivalent)". We know you understand these things.

Also, I didn't even mention Minecraft Dungeons, Orchard ... 😑

Angyobangyo210d ago

@Orchard, there was still a subscription service regardless. Let’s not all act like we know how the negations went or how they are conducted. Everyone here is a keyboard warrior, especially you.

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ThePacemaker211d ago

Desperate Orchard at it again. You realize that all of recent & upcoming Zenimax/Bethesda games are console exclusive to Xbox? How come MS is not blocking off their titles from coming to PS?!

bleedsoe9mm211d ago

Phone was working for that call

CobraKai211d ago

I don’t give 2 pieces of crap regarding the Activision deal, but Zenimax is a big deal. I’d take Doom, Fallout, Starfield over COD anyway. But the point of the Zenimax deal was to bolster what MS is currently lacking top tier exclusives. If I were MS, I don’t think I’d be giving the competition those games.

Broncob210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

God, no one likes you eh, hahaha

The Wood210d ago

I can see people either act simple or are simple. No offence Orks

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SonyStyled211d ago

I’ve had a sealed copy since Christmas. Maybe I’ll blend in more now lol