PES 9 Gives PlayStation 3 Sales Boost in Japan

"The Last Remnant gave a boost to the Xbox 360 in Japan last week. This week the football game PES 09 does the same for the PlayStation 3."

PlayStation 3 doubles hardware sales.

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gamfreak3699d ago

knows you belong in the SH*T hole.

alexM3699d ago


X360 is finished

PS3 --35000
X360 - 11000 at the price of a PS2. Not even LR bundle could move X360

When Gudam 2 launches it will one final final nail in XFIX ME's coffihn in Japan

When WKS is launched X360 will be fully buried under Japanese sands

Europe gone for MS

NA to go after December 4th---KZ2 revelation

shadowghost7523699d ago

calling all xbots click the images to see your transport

TheHater3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

PES 9 is only released on the PS3 in Japan? WTF? And next year it is only going to be release on the PS2? What kind of Sh!t is that?

thanks dude. I had to look over the article again, and it seems that they change it from several minutes ago. The Wii, and PSP was in the article either. So thanks for point that out dude.

techie3699d ago

Exclusive to PS3 and 360 this year.

alexM3699d ago

PES PS3 accounts for 80% of total sales if u consider europe and Japan

I think PES 10 will be PS3 exclusive since PS2 wont be there next year and people buy the ps3 version in europe and Japan

Kyur4ThePain3699d ago

5 software titles in the top 10 are PSP titles. Wow.

Shmapanese3699d ago

ps3 hardware sales are getting closer to wii sales now.. were only 15,000 down and thats not bad at all IMO... on the other hand 360 has only 11k and about 23k down witch is a big margin.

alexM3699d ago

Now its down to 11k with LR bundle which is bad considering there is nothing on it until SO4 in March

However PS3 will get huge boosts with Musou 2

and an astronomical boost in sales with WKS

PS3 will outsell Wii in December and beyond

When the ps3's price drops to 300$ it will kill everything in Japan

but WKS will give it a permanent boost in Japan

alexM3699d ago

Konami will make PES 09 PS3 exclusive mark my words

PES PS3 outsold the x360 version 10:1 in europe

and 20:1 in JAPAN