The Quantum Leap Awards: The Most Important Multiplayer Games of All Time

They're timeless. They're groundbreaking. They inspire us, make us question our standards, and provide a roadmap for the future of development. They are the games that innovate and move the industry forward, and Gamasutra is proud to recognize them with our series of Quantum Leap Awards.

In January 2007, Gamasutra asked its esteemed readership of games industry professionals, educators, and students to vote on the most important multiplayer games of all time, as part of its ongoing Quantum Leap Awards series.

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PS360WII4899d ago

your game not on there. Yes see the title was for Quantum Leap and The Most Important Multiplayer Games of All Time not something that's a rehash of these golden ideas. Naturally Golden eye is on there! Suprised Pokemon was #1 but it did make a crazy world so I guess it makes sense