The Division 2's Next-gen Upgrade is Impressive - But Something's Up With PS5

On the face of it, The Division 2's upgrade for next generation consoles should be fairly simple to describe, with wholly predictable results. The end result should be a capped 30fps experience now running at 60 frames per second - or close to it - with little or nothing else changed in the process. That's effectively what you're getting on Xbox Series X, but something is definitely amiss with the PS5 build, which is missing important graphics effects.

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Christopher62d ago

Why they disabled so much on PS5 is confusing. Did they just rush this out the door or something?

septemberindecember62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I think that what we have been seeing with the disparity on both consoles is the emphasis of one platform over another instead of actual power differences. For example, Controls stuttering issue. As SDK's improve and devs get more comfortable with the hardware we should see more consistency with the consoles in what they are actually good at. Also, projects won't be as rushed to cash in on the next gen craze.

Christopher62d ago

Yeah, but this one doesn't make sense since they disabled stuff that is on PS4 Pro. I don't think this is so much disparity but little work to optimize. Which also doesn't make sense since PS4/PS5 is where Ubisoft makes the majority of their money.

septemberindecember62d ago


I'm pretty sure the Division 2 originally had a marketing deal with Xbox. Maybe that's why they prioritized that console.

61d ago
Eonjay61d ago

We already know PS4 games run fine on PS5 so what they did here was turn off stuff from the Pro version. People talk about prioritizing this vs that but this actually required more work to turn this off on PS5 then to just run the Pro version.

And marketing deals should not result in making something worse then it would have been if you never touched it.

potatoseal61d ago

They are aware of the issues and are working to fix them...

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potatoseal62d ago

PS5 is more than capable of having all these effects on a last gen game. It's got to be just bugs in the BC mode for this game. I'm sure Ubisoft will fix it. Pretty shocking they released the patch at all on PS5. Should have waited till they got it right. I'm sure people will shoot some tweets at them and we might get an answer on twitter sooner rather than later.


They're already looking into it supposedly.

Profchaos61d ago

They were literally in the PS4 version but don't appear in 5 it's just weird

gamer780462d ago (Edited 62d ago )

It’s always looked far better on Xbox. Even the pspro had blurry textures while Xbox didn’t. I’m not sure why. Either not powerful enough or what is most likely they didn’t put the time into it for whatever reason. Hopefully Ubi will patch it

Christopher62d ago

1. Who cares which has looked better, this is about removing CPU-focused elements present in last gen but upgrading GPU-focused elements.
2. The only thing you mention on PS4 Pro was the one item they corrected while removing other things that aren't reliant on GPU processing (seeing as the textures are already processed).
3. Obviously not powerful enough, but the Pro was powerful enough to spend CPU on what was removed. Logic!
4. I'm guessing most would rather non-native 4k with the extras enabled rather than just dumping them, but even then it doesn't make sense since this is technically weaker then the Pro which had a weaker CPU for handling what they removed.

This comes off as a canned "Xbox better" response without understanding the changes or the confusion behind them. But, hey, glad Xbox always looked better?

gamer780462d ago (Edited 62d ago )

@christopher I’m just saying there was a precedent with this game and how it looked before for whatever reason. They might be spending less time and resources on the ps version. Could be like dirt 5 less time spent with sdk resulting in more bugs Or could be power ohopefully it’s just a bug but we’ll see.

Eonjay61d ago

If it's based on precedent then would that be established by the Pro.

gamer780461d ago

@enojay yes and no. Ubi has been inconsistent with this game is what I was trying to get at.

FortWaba61d ago

Ubi has always been in bed with Xbox, this is not news.

But not everything has to be a conspiracy. Perhaps their in-house engine doesn't play well with PS5 architecture. Not to parrot what everyone has said here, but it's just lack of optimization, and the Xbox version needs less of it (as it's just a stronger Xbox One, in contrast to PS5 being a distinct machine)

Christopher61d ago

***Perhaps their in-house engine doesn't play well with PS5 architecture. Not to parrot what everyone has said here, but it's just lack of optimization, and the Xbox version needs less of it ***

Doesn't pay well with PS5, but plays better with PS4 Pro, which uses the same engine the same as xbox one matches series x . Makes sense. /s

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--Onilink--62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Probably rushed, I doubt most of these ports we’ve seen so far actually have too many people working on them, I honestly wouldn’t even be surprised if they barely reach double digits in some of them. So they have to make do with the time they have.

Couple that with probably some mandate from higher up to get a certain version ready first because of marketing deals the game originally had and they probably did Series first and ended up with even less time to work on the PS5 patch before their deadline and just did what they could to get the 60fps and then fix it later (i have no doubt it will get fixed)

I also doubt that too many people from QA get involved in this kind of stuff, they are relatively small projects (doesnt excuse actually releasing this version instead of just delaying it a week or two though)

RaidenBlack61d ago

Wasn't DF's BC games with next-gen upgrade comparison videos/articles not allowed anymore?

Christopher60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

It's specific updates just for XSX/PS5. BC would be just running XBO/PS4 versions without consideration for new platform.

This one is weird that they do it with just last gen code, but it's still relevant to just XSX/PS5 and is coded specifically for those platforms.

Our rule applies to games that have received no updates specific to XSX/PS5 and are running last gen code only.

Profchaos61d ago

Wasn't rushed they took an entire weekend to do it

61d ago
RaidenBlack60d ago

Destiny 2 and Jedi Fallen Order recieved next-gen updates respectively, yet the submissions were not accepted.

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Vanfernal62d ago

The missing effects seem like a bug. No reason why they would remove effects that the PS4 Pro can do. Hoping there's a patch soon.

DerfDerf61d ago

Unless they needed to remove those effects to hit their performance target for PS5

philm8761d ago

Maybe they optimised the Series X first, and didn't have time to optimise it fully for the PS5 so had to temporarily switch things off. It wouldn't be a permanent thing as the too consoles are too similar in performance. Series X has better raw graphical power, but the components are heavily customised so it's hard to compare. I know the speed of the SSD makes a big difference on the PC version performance with loading environments on the go etc. (which also reduces strain on the CPU/GPU I believe).

Vanfernal61d ago

Take a look at the Spiderman games running at 60fps with ray tracing. There's no way the PS5 can't manage to pull those effects off. The Series S which is inferior hardware also has the effects. And in the DF video they say that this must be a bug. This is clearly an optimization issue with the backwards compatibility.

Kornholic61d ago

Watch the damn video. DF state that this is clearly due to a bug.

Mr_Luke62d ago

Wait... what? :/
They even disabled things that were on the Pro, is that a bug, lazyness or they didn't care at all about the Ps5 version? The resolution too, is that a joke?

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sho0ok_260d ago

In your response below you have given an honest opinion and it's most likely valid.

My concern is when it's the other way around like a bug in dirt 5 happened or valhalla, ps guys kept laughing at Xbox guys. Even though on paper XsX is more powerful.

The xbox guys said the same exact thing you said before, but they were met with laugh and sarcasm.

I just wanted to highlight this point.

Mr_Luke60d ago

Understood, it's fine with me. I like a good conversation, not a stupid war. But i see that your comment was marked as "Inappropriate", don't look at me ^^'' as i said, i didn't even give the dislike before but i gave you a Like now.

mastaleep62d ago

The incompetent experts at Ubisoft are aware of the issues on PS5 and are looking into them:

Whitey2k62d ago

Well its not effects that missing u also have a 14 second load compared to 8 seconds on series x and also the resolution aswell ive expected to be the same resolution but its lower then series x and in some cases go lower then ps4 pro. They shouldn't of patched it on the ps5 if it was this bad

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