VGR: Resistance 2 review


"Levels are nice and varied, though the game looks around the same as the first game in terms of visuals. Having said that, the explosions are simply amazing as are the backgrounds…coming out of the hospital base at the beginning to see the city under attack from a huge ship just blew me away, it looks stunning. Character models are well detailed and animated, cutscenes now feel more dramatic with a new focus angle too…all making a spectacular looking game that shows just what the PS3 can do. There's also next to no slowdown in framerate, both online and offline…which is very impressive. The audio quality is also high with some superb sound effects and quite good voice-acting. The soundtrack creates the overall mood very well, although it's not the most memorable score.

Resistance 2 ticks all the right boxes. It improves upon Fall of Man tenfold with a better campaign, mad co-operative play options and a great multiplayer. It may be linear and not the most original FPS on the market, but it's certainly one of the better ones."

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