VGR: Tomb Raider Underworld review


"I know I've already said this, but the game just looks magnificent…although it only runs at 16:9 on my TV and not the 1:1 pixel ratio that my TV runs every other thing that runs on HDMI. It's probably because the game doesn't support 1080p, which is a shame. It still looks fantastic though….everything from the levels to the character models is jaw-dropping to look at. Voice-acting is a mixed bag; Lara's fake British accent is annoying but acceptable while the others do a good job. The soundtrack really stands out and fits the overall feel of the game very well. So in terms of presentation, Tomb Raider Underworld ticks all the right boxes.

Tomb Raider Underworld doesn't innovate as much as I'd hoped it would, but it's still an amazing game that is fun from start to finish. This is without a doubt, the best Tomb Raider game ever conceived and raises the stakes for the next game to top it."

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