Arma and DayZ dev Bohemia insists it will continue to operate independently after Tencent investment

From Eurogamer: "Tencent has continued its investment spree, this time in Arma and DayZ studio Bohemia.

The Chinese mega corp has acquired a minority stake in Bohemia Interactive, which is based in the Czech Republic. Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

Bohemia boss Marek Španěl insisted his company will continue to operate independently and be led by the existing management team. The initial plan is to bring Bohemia's PC and mobile sandbox creation platform Ylands to Chinese players."

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lodossrage780d ago

Why is it everyone that gets a portion of their company bought buy tencent IMMEDIATELY jump to the "we'll still operate independently" excuse?

Don't they realize that when you have to say that, it's cause for alarm in itself?

I've already stopped supporting a lot of companies because of tencent.