Nintendo Forced Cancellation of Near-Finished Goldeneye 007 Remake for Xbox 360

There was a remake for Goldeneye 007 that was in the works for the Wii and Xbox 360. Unfortunately, someone at Nintendo stopped production for the Xbox 360, and they did so right near the end of development.

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Knightofelemia223d ago

I watched a streamer stream the leaked XB360 version and its night and day compared to the N64 port. Clean crisp graphics the character models looked clean and crisp and you could switch between N64 and the remake graphics I wish it came out I would have bought it. I own Golden Eye on N64 but the XB360 version looked really good I might just find the leaked files and run an XB360 emulator. Hopefully since Nintendo and Microsoft are playing nice Nintendo might say ok Microsoft you can have it.

Tacoboto223d ago

That must be so disappointing for the devs. To get so close to the finish line on this game with its legacy, to hear yes yes until the very end of the project. At least now it can be enjoyed.

VenomUK223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Surely a contract was agreed between both parties before development began? If not, and Microsoft spent its own funds remaking GoldenEye then it's a highly disappointing outcome but you can't build a game on a promise.

Sonic-and-Crash223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Imo well done to Nintendo had the balls and guts to cancel one of their trademark games on N64 to be released on other console

This what Sony should have done with Crash Remakes matter if it was not their IP ...It was developped by Sony s money and it was published by Sony....also original Crash trilogy belongs to Sony....should have objected original Crash Games to come to other consoles (with honestly mediocre remakes) was their ultimate mascot and it is off putting and unfair seeing Crash on Xbox/Switch...

Fluttershy77223d ago

At the time the drm for Goldeneye must have been super expensive, but it would be great if someone would release this now (very old ip now). There's a fairly loyal community around the game: Speedruners, and multiplayers... but maybe wouldn't be wise from a business perspctive ... by the way Golden Eye 007 (remake of the N64) released on the Wii, though it sucked it really did

TheRealTedCruz223d ago

If you find those files, let me know.
But yeah, they took a late 90s console game, and made it into something that would look good for an early 2000s PC release, and that's a pretty solid jump in fidelity.

Gunstar75223d ago

Considering how pally MS have been to Nintendo, perhaps a little give should be applied

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Jeriphro223d ago

I hate it, because I love Nintendo... and then I also hate the way they treat potential partners. Rare obviously worked their butts off on this port, and then Nintendo felt the need to axe an IP that they don't own. This is just petty. Nintendo clearly could have made a lot of money if they just came on as a publisher for the Xbox 360 release. But no... of course they'd rather be stubborn and not work well with others.

Vegamyster222d ago

Here's an article from today that goes more in depth in the situation: https://www.videogameschron...

"Unsurprisingly, speculation has been rife around why the project never came to be: Was it cancelled because of Nintendo? Did Bond rights holder Eon get involved? Maybe Robbie Coltrane filed an image rights lawsuit?

As with most internet myths, the truth is slightly less exciting and significantly more complex than the rumour mill would have you believe.

GoldenEye Xbox Live Arcade, as it was codenamed, ultimately failed because of miscommunication between license holders and a young team who rushed ahead to create it, despite a deal for the game having never been signed."

Just sounds like mess on the legal side that could have been sorted out if it was done properly.

generic-user-name222d ago

Just another thing to add to the "things we'll pretend not to see" for mainstream media because Nintendo is everyone's little angel.

ZwVw223d ago

Iwata ceased the remaster. Thought this was common knowledge.

He didn't like the idea of one of the N64's flagship titles appearing on a rivaling platform. Hence, MS decided to instead remaster Perfect Dark after the Golden Eye remaster fell through.

Jeriphro223d ago

I can see that, but it is still speculation.

Kabaneri223d ago

For all the crap people talk about MS, Nintendo is so much more greedy. Pay $60 for five year old remasters and subpar ports, pay $300 for hardware that has the quality of a Hasbro toy, and they make you pay for a barebones online service that would have been outdated in 2005. Most anti-consumer company in gaming by far.

curtain_swoosh223d ago

i think people are well aware of Nintendos ways, but fans look the other way bevause Mario and Zelda.

fsfsxii222d ago

these Mario and Zelda millennials need to fuck off

AnotherGamer223d ago

Wait, I thought it was cause of license from a lot of people.

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