Diablo Immortal Preview: Everything you need to know (GF365)

GF365: "One of the most successful action role-playing games in history is the Diablo franchise. It reached its height of success during Diablo II and has carried over to Diablo III. The next installment in the franchise is the much-awaited Diablo Immortal, which was announced back in 2018."

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victorMaje66d ago

"...the much-awaited..."
After reading the article I get the feeling the writer is trying to make it like it’s now normal that the next Diablo will be a mobile game. It will never be normal.

instantstupor66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

There are plenty of people who are awaiting this game, the world isn't made up of just core console/PC gamers. I'll be honest, I was initially skeptical but it looks and sounds like it has improved since its unveiling. I think Blizzard took more of the development in-house after the backlash. And remember, the backlash wasn't so much that Diablo was getting a mobile variant, but rather that they announced it as the main event at Blizzcon - it was truly a terrible decision lol.

I was a big fan of Diablo 3 after they got rid of the real money AH & after RoS launched. Given we know that Diablo 4 is in the works, I have no issue that the next iteration of Diablo that's releasing is a mobile one. One doesn't stop the other from getting made or anything. And I'm sure I'll give it a look once it releases. It'll be more interesting to see how this game stacks up to PoE Mobile when it launches, given that's going to be the whole regular game just squashed onto phones. I have a hard time picturing PoE working on mobile with touch controls & without the ability to use macros lol.