Unofficial Bloodborne 60fps Patch Has Finally Released

Available now on jailbroken PS4 consoles, the Bloodborne 60fps Patch adds uncapped FPS support for both the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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ABizzel166d ago (Edited 66d ago )

They need to allow this to be modded on the PS5 version. It helps with the frame pacing, makes the game fluidity much better, helps control input/response, and for all I care it can stay at 1440p just give use the fps boost.

Nitrowolf266d ago

Really holding out for Sony to do something. Love Bloodborne, prob my favorite game last gen with God of War. A next-gen update would be well worth the revisit

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excaliburps66d ago

I doubt Sony doesn't have anything planned for this. I'm waiting for a big announcement regarding this which could coincide with a Bloodborne 2 announcement...

talocaca66d ago

That's what I felt before the GOW patch. That came out of nowhere and improved performance significantly.

Fingers crossed.

SyntheticForm66d ago

It could stay at 1080 for all I care, but I really want 60 fps Bloodborne.

ABizzel166d ago

Same I could have sworn I read it had a PS4 Pro 1440p upgrade, but that was in the Digital Foundry mod video.

Bobertt65d ago

Lol Sony isn't going to allow this on PS5 how are they going to sell their Remaster then?

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Aussiesummer66d ago

It just baffles me why they give bloodborne no love, the least they could have done was add a 60fps mode. Such a shame.

Gardenia66d ago

Let's hope they are already working on it and it will be revealed soon.

Stanjara66d ago

Why Sony can't patch this game to 720p 60 on ps4/pro.
Rather let people mod their console.

Dirty_Lemons66d ago

For Bloodborne to not get even the 60 FPS treatment would be an undying shame.

Sunny_D66d ago

God damn it, I read too fast and thought its said the official patch was released. Sigh, still holding out hope for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.