"We Cried About The Lack Of Memory" - Why Deep Rock Galactic Won't Come To Switch

From TheGamer: "We recently got the chance to chat with Ghost Ship CEO Søren Lundgaard about Deep Rock Galactic, and you can check out our 'making of' article at that link. While we were chatting, though, we also touched on the possibility of the dwarven co-op shooter coming to other platforms. So, does Ghost Ship have any plans of bringing Deep Rock Galactic to Nintendo Switch?

“Sadly, no," Lundgaard said. "We talked to Nintendo a few times and we cried about the lack of memory. That’s the main problem - we’re using a lot of memory when we’re creating procedural caves, the destructible terrain, and such. We would need to branch it out and create a limited version that could work on Switch, but then we would have trouble updating both of those branches."

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Nodoze64d ago

SUCH a great game. Highly addictive, and great great fun.