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PS5 Has Better 4K Blu-Ray Drive Than Xbox Series X

The PS5 4K Blu-ray drive has a number of advantages over the Xbox Series X's own Blu-ray drive.

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Community167d ago
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lelo2play167d ago

Not surprising!... Sony are one of the founders of Blu-Ray.

CaptainHenry916167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Microsoft decided to go a little cheaper this generation with an inferior 4K blu ray drive and Wi-Fi 5 instead of Wi-Fi 6. They also could have at list added the Elite controller with the console instead of a basic controller. I use that Elite 2 controller on PC and it's awesome

167d ago
TravsVoid167d ago

The console supports 12bit color but the blu-ray app doesn't, sounds like a software issue, same with the fps skipping for specific movies.

gamer7804167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

I wouldn’t say cheaper. They made trade offs in other areas. More raw power but less on WiFi and blu ray drive. Honestly I try to only use my blu ray drive for games since the fan and bd drives are the only things with physically moving parts that are more likely to break sooner. If you play mostly movies on disc I would seriously use a stand alone player and save your expensive console the strain. I’ve had an Xbox 360 and ps3 drive fail after a while .

medman167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

I occasionally test wifi speeds to my ps5 and series x, and with my setup being located on the other side of a small home, I usually get around 200-275 mbps to the series x, and inexplicably slower around 140-195 mbps to the ps5, off a 1.2 gig speed at the router. In the same room my 2015 laptop gets around 440 mbps, while my cell phone gets around the same 440 mbps. All of these vary of course, but I'm not understanding why the 2020 consoles are so much slower (relatively) than my older laptop and 2018 phone in the same room at approximately the same location.

FinalFantasyFanatic167d ago

I'm probably going to upgrade my Wifi Router to Wifi 6e this year, great that he PS5 has Wifi 6, strange not to include it on the series X though considering it future proofs the consoles for the next 5 or more years. That and the wifi card in the PS4 is kinda abysmal (I think the Pro had a better wifi card if I remember right?).

167d ago
mikeslemonade167d ago

I have both the PS5 and Series X. I watch the blu-rays on the xbox because it's a better controller and the UI to fast forward and rewind is better.

167d ago
kryteris167d ago

You can buy wifi6 adapters for 10-15, probably only cost them 5 to include. And cant say I ever had issue with v6 on v5 routers. From the guys that made a big deal over cloud compute you'd think they would not cheap out on something so vital to that.

NeoGamer232166d ago

To me, it is about the games and Sony is winning this by a large margin already this generation.

Zeref166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

lol Elite Controller with the console? Yeah why don't they also add a free Surface Duo or better yet a free Tesla car?

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DJStotty167d ago

More to the point, who would even notice the differences if not for this video lol.

I might send my Series X back because of this.....

Next article

UltraNova167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Wait, are you telling us that after years and years of training in 200 zoom game comparisons we won't notice a better 4K Blu-ray image when we see it?

DF: Grinds teeth.

ABizzel1167d ago

I mean game comparisons are done all the time, why not video comparisons considering watching video whether Bluray or App is probably the second most used feature on these consoles, and primary in extreme cases.

Outside_ofthe_Box167d ago

"who would even notice the differences if not for this video lol"

Don't want to see you in any digital foundry articles lol

JackBNimble167d ago

How many people are actually sliding in a blu-ray movie rather than streaming?
This doesn't effect games, but I get it , sonybois need something to hold onto.

DJStotty167d ago

"Don't want to see you in any digital foundry articles lol"

Oh i agree, even measuring contests in DF comparisons are a waste of airtime. Gamers will buy the game on their preferred platform lol.

Outside_ofthe_Box167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

"How many people are actually sliding in a blu-ray movie rather than streaming"

Wasn't this what "sonybois" said about the ps4 not having 4K Blu Ray drive and how it didn't effect gaming? Did "microsoftbois" need something to hold on to back then as well? Or does this only work one way?

Silly Mammo167d ago

I dunno. Have a good size collection of UHD blu-rays. Sooo...

ILostMyMind167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Each DF video is about something that no one would notice except for the "800% eye".

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TheProblem167d ago

PS5 Is simply a better console. It’s no secret now

Darkborn167d ago

The secret sauce is the truth lol.

DJStotty167d ago

I can not compare the 2, i do not own a PS5 so can not make an accurate assessment of each consoles pro's/con's.

I will take your word for it.

zacfoldor167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

I think the controller(Crazy good AGAIN in Control: Ultimate), Astros and Demon's Souls, along with better than expected OS, BC, and PS Plus collections have pushed it over the top for me. Gamepass is a benefit to the Xbox, but the XSS somehow makes me regard this entire gen slight less even though I don't own one. I think right now PS5 is slightly ahead for me, imo. However, I think both the PS5 and the XSX are good consoles. I'd just like to see some exclusives released that I want to play on the XSX.

The PS5 OS does have some lingering QoL issues imho, but nothing is perfect. Hopefully they will add folders soon.

philm87167d ago

I'm a PS5 owner, and I think it looks so close between the two consoles that it's not worth the time debating about. The main thing the PS5 has that makes it stand out, is the games.

DJStotty167d ago


"I'm a PS5 owner, and I think it looks so close between the two consoles that it's not worth the time debating about. The main thing the PS5 has that makes it stand out, is the games."

Completely agree, xbox needs more quality games, PS just needs to keep doing what they are doing, xbox should get there this gen i think, i can see some quality games releasing over the next few years.

Shiken167d ago

*Laughs in Division 2*

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Toiletsteak167d ago

That’s great and all but I wish you could skip a scene with the PS5 media remote, unless I’m missing something?

ninsigma167d ago

Haven't got the remote but have you tried holding down the fast forward button? Just a thought at the top of my head.

Toiletsteak167d ago

Yeah, I’ve tried everything I can think of but nothing works

WeAreLegion167d ago

Agreed. And I wish it had voice support. Gotta use a controller for that.

Toiletsteak165d ago

They are adding voice support but who knows when.

TorpeAlex166d ago

The PS5 media remote is genuinely a disappointment, it doesn’t even have an input button for crying out loud!

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DigitallyAfflicted167d ago

Series X blueray player is unwatchable, might just have to stick to playing games

DJStotty167d ago

I'd send it back for repair if the bluray player is that bad.

DJStotty167d ago

Might be watching them on a CRT /s

TravsVoid167d ago

Do you even have a 12-bit tv?

GamerRN167d ago

It's not unwatchable. It's just fine on the X. Akai, there isn't a single TV that has 12bit color. Hell Samsung dropped even 10bit from their 2020 panels. This article, ironically by PSU, is reaching, and potentially biased.

Gaming4Life1981167d ago

No problem with mine but ive only watched 2 4k ultra hd on it and it made me like xmen apocalypse a little better lol.

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46player167d ago

Who is still using discs?

StoneyYoshi167d ago

People who don't want compressed video and audio when watching movies.

FinalFantasyFanatic167d ago

Disc is much better quality, both in audio and video, plus you have a much bigger selection to choose from, Netflix/Disney+/Prime/ect... Are all nice, but lets not joke that the quality is in the same ball park.

Sitdown167d ago

The people buying them. Next question?

Dragonscale167d ago

A lot of people apparently lol.

BlaqMagiq1167d ago

People who actually want to own their products

RosweeSon166d ago

Yeah that and have a back catalogue and like options and don’t wanna get stung full price on top games digital day1 as they are a rip off. Majority are still buying disc drives hence the digital versions Ps5 at least are hard to come by and they’ve clearly done more disc than digital 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 ✌🏻😜 you can always stream
Stuff still Netflix Disney etc or even your games but can’t beat being able to put your own games in and take em out and sell them if they not worth keeping hold of 😜✌🏻

BlaqMagiq1166d ago


If only more people could think like you 😂

frostypants166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

I stream a lot but if it's movie I love, hell yes I am buying the disc so I can see it in its full quality. Watch John Wick on streaming then watch it on the 4K disc release. Huge difference in image and sound.

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