Xbox Series S/X was the No.1 console of January | UK Monthly GfK Charts

Console sales in the UK jumped 148% in January compared to the year before. Charts specialist GfK reveals that over 150,000 games machines were sold during the last month.

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DJStotty165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

This is bound to start world war 3 this article lol. PS5 in 3rd place for the first time (in the UK).

I fully expect comments along the lines of :-

"But PS5 had less supply than the other 2, therefore sold less"
"The PS5 is the most in demand console, therefore has less supply to sell through"

This denial tactic will not wash, as PS5 is producing more consoles than the Series S/X on a monthly basis, unless now their production has reduced significantly less than xbox? In which case this will be a rolling pattern for a few months.

On topic, good sales all around across all 3 platforms, and Switch, yet again selling well.

Nyxus165d ago

The first comment seems to be correct though, the article states that itself (both systems have supply issues in fact, so at this moment it's more which company can deliver the most units).

"Indeed, PS5 and Xbox Series S and X are severely supply constrained, and their sales performance is largely decided by how many units are released at retail during any given period."

potatoseal165d ago

PS5 - "the machine was almost entirely out of stock during the first two weeks of the year."

I stopped reading after that. The only info anyone needs. Congrats Xbox you gotta take the W when you can get it.

SpeedDemon165d ago


PS5, XS&X are all in short supply, the sales numbers do nothing to indicate which is more sought after this early on.

It's good to see you coming to reality after boasting about PS5 sales a few weeks back.

Kilua165d ago

"It's good to see you coming to reality after boasting about PS5 sales a few weeks back."

You do realise that the ps5 was the best launch out of any console in the history of gaming. You mean to tell me that the hype between xbox and ps is comparable? It isnt.

SpeedDemon165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

No I fully expect the PS5 to be more popular, but again at this time their is no way to determine that as both continues to sell through their stock.

darthv72165d ago

@potatohead... Oh so you are okay with this article but throw a hissy fit over the one about South Africa?

potatoseal165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

@ darth

Shut your ridiculous face lol with that 'failed' trash article. This one is legit. That one was a joke and was 'failed' by the mods accordingly. Don't make me go and get Razzer to come and ream you out in front of everyone again like he's done to you thousands of times in the past.

enkiduxiv164d ago

Good thing to. This will give Phil something to exaggerate about for years to come.

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Bennibop165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Ps5 demand is very high in the UK and there has been no stock. Its not an excuse its just the reality, most shops have large waiting list and long lead times for Ps5 and xbox has been slightly easier to get hold of.

DJStotty165d ago

So are you saying Sony is producing less than xbox in the manufacturing process? or more?.

If PS5 are producing more than xbox - xbox is outselling PS5 (less production, higher sales)
if xbox are producing more than PS5 - xbox is outselling PS5 (more production, higher sales)

Does this point to issues in the PS5 production line?

ABizzel1165d ago


I would pray you're more intelligent then that and this is just part of your fanboying, but after seeing how ignorant so many fanboys can truly be, I'm not too sure.

What he's saying is the allocation is going elsewhere. Sony has started allocating more consoles to the Asian markets now. Xbox doesn't have to allocate anythign there because they've struggled to sell over 500K consoles in all of asia last-gen.

Both consoles are selling out consistently. This simply means Xbox sent more consoles to the UK that month than Sony did, the same reason why PlayStation has a 1 million lead over Xbox, because they were simply able to make more consoles than Xbox did globally. If Xbox was able to make more consoles they would have the lead globally.

Sales at this point don't matter and NEVER do until a year or so later when there is an abundance of supply. It's nice to see all consoles currently doing well, and I'm hoping Xbox does better than last-gen, but in Europe overall they have a 50 million vs 15 million deficit to overcome and that's unlikely to happen without a huge tragedy hitting PS5, but here's hoping they get back up to 360 level sales which would show healthy growth.

bloop164d ago

I was just about to post something similar Abizzel. Here in Ireland we got very few consoles at launch, another very small batch mid December and we've only had another resupply last week, but I believe there were quite a few allocations sent to the States during that time. UK/Europe just didn't get any in that timeframe.

Kilua165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

O please.

People tend to forget that we're comparing the sales of 2 consoles (Series x and s) to 1 console.

The ps5 was far and away the best selling console in December and November in the UK. Truth is, no one knows how many consoles both Sony and MS allocated to the UK in January. To say now this is because of X, Y or Z is stupid because we just dont know all the facts here.

But in saying that, If you think this means that xbox is now more popular in the uk than ps, then you are just fooling yourself.

InUrFoxHole165d ago

No. We remember. Just aren't salty about it. Both consoles sell. Moving along now :)

DJStotty165d ago

O please,

Where did i say xbox was more popular in the UK? I simply said in January xbox sold more than PS5, that is fact, not fiction, not a predicition, fact.

"Truth is, no one knows how many consoles both Sony and MS allocated to the UK in January."

Obviously xbox had more allocation than PS5, otherwise PS5 would have sold more in January, this is common sense.

165d ago
crazyh0rse165d ago

actually ps5 has both digital and bluray version

Atom666165d ago

You're comparing 2 versions of Xbox to 2 versions of PS5 and 2 versions of Switch.

DJStotty165d ago


"how much is microsoft paying you? xbox barely squeaked by with those sales, lol."

To answer your question, nothing, why would they pay me?

HotMoltenLava165d ago

PS5 has 2 consoles remember. 399 and 499.

darthv72165d ago

Kilua... so the PS5 doesn't have two consoles it is selling in comparison to the two Series consoles?

Like I've said before, we don't know the breakdown of the S/X just like we don't know the breakdown of the 5/DE. Both platforms are simply selling regardless of how many of each iteration within themselves. It's not 2 against 1... it's 2 against 2.

Sitdown165d ago

Wait, isn't Sony also selling two SKUs?

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Nacho_Z165d ago

"The Xbox Series machines sold best for the first time, followed by Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch sales were up 21% over the same period the year before. PS5 is narrowly behind in third place, though it should be noted that the machine was almost entirely out of stock during the first two weeks of the year."

So the two Xboxes combined sold over an entire month narrowly beat the PS5 sold over two weeks, massive win haha.

DJStotty165d ago

Facts are facts.

Xbox outsold PS5 for the month of January. Combining Series S and X makes no difference, facts are there was higher sales of xbox than PS5 in January in the UK.

Orchard165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Aren’t there two PS5’s too? So two Xboxes combined outside two PS5’s combined - seems like a fair comparison to me.

Also I hate to state the obvious - Sony and Microsoft don’t care if they had to sell 2 or 10 SKU’s to sell more - revenue is revenue - so you are correct, a massive win.

Pricey165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

@DJStotty What exactly is the point your making. One sold more than the other one that was out of stock for half the month.

How can anyone draw concrete conclusions when supply is constrained for both consoles. It's like locking the framerate in a game to 60 and saying look both consoles hit 60 they're of equal power.

Sitdown165d ago

Are you sure it's not saying narrowly behind Nintendo? But who we kidding, that's not the interpretation your are willing to hear.

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BattleCat165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

With a brain you could know yourself. Ps5 ships in much more countries than Xbox. Yes they produce more, but can send also much lower units in every country. They just now stocked up japan, Xbox sells almost nothing there or in other countries. So they can't ship as much units to the UK, like Xbox. At the moment

DJStotty165d ago

So your saying xbox had a higher allocation than PS5 in the UK for the month of January, thus explaining the higher sales for xbox?

Wait, isn't that exactly what i said previously? and i quote :-

"if xbox are producing more than PS5 - xbox is outselling PS5 (more production, higher sales)"

Orchard165d ago

“ Ps5 ships in much more countries than Xbox.”

Xbox is on sale in more countries than PS5.

KyRo165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

I work for Currys and can confirm that stock for Xbox has been readily available alot more than the PS5 has been but let's dismiss it as lying because some random dude online says it's excuses...

It's widely known that Sony are having a hard time keeping up with demand and manufacturing with key components not being readily available to ramp up production.

Nacho_Z165d ago

Yep facts are indeed facts and the fact is that if you're using this as something to brag about then you look like a fool.

DJStotty165d ago

No one is bragging, like i said "On topic, good sales all around across all 3 platforms, and Switch, yet again selling well."

All i said was the comments sections would be full of comments like i stated above.

CorndogBurglar165d ago

What you just said doesn't make any sense at all.

Think about what you said. If Sony really is producing more consoles than Microsoft on a monthly basis, and they are both selling out, then do the math. It would be impossible for Xbox to outsell Sony because Xbox doesn't even have as much stock to sell.

So the ONLY way they can outsell Sony in a particular region is if Sony didn't send as many units to that region as Microsoft. Because again, per your own words, Sony is producing more units than Xbox. But they are both selling out everywhere. It makes no logical or mathematical sense to say Xbox is outselling Sony in any given region, unless they just had less total units to sell in that region.

But anyone thinking this means Xbox is suddenly more popular than Sony is crazy.

DJStotty165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Think you need to re-read what i have stated and then amend your comment :-

If PS5 are producing more than xbox - xbox is outselling PS5 (less production, higher sales)
if xbox are producing more than PS5 - xbox is outselling PS5 (more production, higher sales)

Note what is in brackets, then my comment would make more sense to you, but i will explain further, If Sony are producing more PS5's for the UK than Xbox, this would mean xbox would have lower production, and higher sales, you following so far? (As we know xbox has higher sales than PS5)

If Xbox are producing more than PS5 for the UK, then they have more production, therefore higher sales. I gave 2 scenarios, and in each the end result is that Xbox outsold PS5 for the month of January in the UK.

I am NOT saying xbox is more popular in the UK, simply the facts.

Orchard165d ago

Funny to see people try to defend PS5 by saying “but Xbox has two consoles!” That doesn’t mean anything, 99% of people aren’t rushing out and buying two Xbox’s that play the same games etc - just like most consumers aren’t rushing out to buy a PS5 and PS5DE.

Moegooner165d ago

Funny to see you ignoring the article stating that PS5 was out of stock during the beginning of the year. Whatever helps you sleep at night I suppose.

165d ago
Orchard165d ago

I forgot that while PS5 was selling, Xbox had 100 million units available. Sounds like Sony needs to fix their manufacturing /s

Atom666165d ago

It's tough to gage because of supply issues, but outselling Switch is the surprise to me.

DJStotty165d ago

Exactly Atom, i just stated facts and ruffled the nest full of feathers. Great sales for all 3 platforms. Chances are Sony came 3rd due to supply constraints, and i simply asked the question whether Sony are having issues, seeing as they started the manufacturing process months before Microsoft.

You would assume Xbox would have the supply constraint.

Nyxus165d ago

@ DJ: you acted as if bringing up supply issues is some sort of excuse, while it is in fact most likely the sole reason Xbox outsold PS5.

blady_man165d ago

The issue here is that I saw the Xbox series x re stocked a couple of times in January and i am yet to see the ps5 being re stocked! I have both but i wanted to get a digital version PS5 for my kid but cannot find one and i check everyday every hour, I managed to get an Xbox series x for a friend of mine.
So in this case Xbox will beat ps5 but due to stock issues, we will have to wait when both are available nationwide for the real sale numbers. (PS. i love both system and I play in both so i am not in favourite of either)

UltraNova165d ago

Wait this is just one month, in one market (UK), in a time when no one has any idea what is going on with next-gen console stock, allocation per country, etc... Is it that easy to start a console world war in your world?

potatoseal165d ago

PS5 - "the machine was almost entirely out of stock during the first two weeks of the year."

That's all you need to know. That's why they didn't sell more. It's obvious. Your post is too cute though, keep up the good fight LMAO

Orchard165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

The same can be said for months where PS5 sold more, no?

It’s not like Xbox is somehow immune to supply issues and it only affects PS5 and every piece of recent computer hardware lol.

Anyways, outselling the Switch is a good achievement too.

WillyC009165d ago

No orchard it can’t be said for the months Sony outsold Microsoft.

As we all know, PlayStation is the vastly more popular and in demand product then an Xbox. Sales for PlayStation 5 will double Xbox series consoles. It’s just reality.

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WillyC009165d ago

Hahaha, who is this clueless person? A Microsoft employee?

Give it a bit of time until Sony can produce enough consoles for the public. Their sales are already double what Xbox has achieved to date and they’re severely lagging in production. The popularity and demand for the two are no where near close.

S2Killinit165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

You expect people to tell you what is clearly true? You really think xbox would sell more than the PS5 if they had the same supply?

165d ago
boing1165d ago

Wait, did you just suggested that XSX is selling better than PS5? Sony has way more markets with way more demand to cover. Logic, bruh. Use it.

sushimama165d ago

PS5 is also launching in China in Q2 2021. They sell in more markets. First half of this month Sony had zero stock.

Stop pretending like this is some kind of win for MS at all in the slightest. You making all these comments?

You're embarrassing yourself

andy85165d ago

Living in the UK and being signed up to stock alerts for everywhere the Series X and S were alerting me almost daily for different retailers. For the PS5 I've had 1 since the first week in January. it's no surprise it's sold more with the availability.

NeoGamer232164d ago

Honestly, console sales are important but they are not the sole sign of console health.

I am sure Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo would rather have a 50,000,000 console with everyone buying their subscriptions services and 10 games per owner then selling 100,000,000 consoles, 10,000,000 subscription services and 3 games per owner.

Hardware does not make these companies a lot of money, subscriptions and game sales do.

RCslayer164d ago

What I see is only you coming up with foolish fangirl shit. Forget about the fangirl crap and just play what you have and like. That goes for all the clowns who keep it up after all these years.

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Benficaman165d ago

i dont know about UK, but in my country i can buy a series S right now directly in the store shelf, and i had One series x in my hand last week. As for ps5 i never saw One excepect for mine.

lelo2play165d ago

If that's so, purchase it and resell it. You can make money...

NotoriousWhiz165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Xbox is very popular in UK and US. Can't speak for other countries. In UK/US, an Xbox console will be very hard to find for the near future (probably until the 2nd half of 2021). PS5 is very popular everywhere it is available. So whoever produces the most in UK/US will definitely be who sells the most in those two countries. I imagine this is probably true for other countries as well, but I couldn't tell you which ones.

DJStotty165d ago

You can buy any console, right now.

From a scalper

In the UK, PS5, PS5DE, Xbox series X, Xbox series S, are all still out of stock.

Benficaman165d ago

right now im looking at the séries S Next to the others Xbox and PS4. no scalper here.
but here PlayStation its the absoluta King.

Mr_Luke165d ago

In Italy too, no problems if you want a Series S. The PS5 instead is missing completely, everywhere.

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ocelot07165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

I honestly think Sony are more concerned about shipping consoles out in the us than Europe right now. I would think the ps5 was a myth if I didn't have one that's how bad it is in the UK.

Cex and eBay gives a decent indication of the situation in the UK. Cex are still selling a PS5 disc console for £790 and give you £550 cash (£100 profit). Xbox Series X they sell for £630 and give you £450 cash (£0 profit).

Also stock informer gives a good indication about stock. For the majority of online retailers in the UK. Last time where was stock was last month around the 20th. As for Xbox according to stock informer. Just today they had series s consoles available. Very had both series s and x yesterday and majority of other retailers had stock of both on the 5th February.

ABizzel1165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Sony is trying to focus on North America and has their launch in Asia. They sent more supply to Japan, sent supply to China for the launch there, and are focusing heavily on North America because that is the only region that will be close.

Each generation PlayStation has had a significant lead in Europe over Xbox:

PS2: 56 million
Xbox: 8 million

PS3: 35 million (their worst showing)
360: 25 million (their best showing)

PS4: 50 million
XBO: 15 million

This is just smart business on both of their parts. PlayStation is sending it's supply to North America so they can gain mindshare and be the lead platform there since it has been a back and forth and fickle market. PS2 dominated North America, then XBox 360 (and Wii) dominated, then the PS4 won but by less than 10 million against XBO, so they want to get ahead of that to ensure it's not another PS3 vs 360 situations in North America.

On the other hand Xbox knows it can't win in Asia, so they're flooding the markets they can potentially win in, so their focus is on North America, the UK, and PAL / RoW territories so they can get mindshare and hopefully win those countries by having availability and getting people to jump on Xbox and by word of mouth have the Xbox win those regions.

It's smart business for both, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see a flood of PlayStation consoles hit the UK in March after their full Asia launch, and then we'll see Xbox probably flood North America again.

Orchard165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

This article will go down well - you aren’t allowed positive Xbox news here.

Good sales though - a strong, competitive industry is important for us consumers.

potatoseal165d ago

It's easy to have good sales against a console that was, and I quote, in regards to the PS5, "the machine was almost entirely out of stock during the first two weeks of the year."

It's easy for the Series X to sell well in a month against a PS5 that was out of stock for HALF of the same month. But yeah, I guess, well done Xbox. Yaaay.

Orchard165d ago

“It’s easy for PS5 to outsell Xbox at launch because Xbox had less stock available”

That argument works both ways - no?

potatoseal165d ago

But the article didn't say that Series X/S was "almost entirely out of stock during the first two weeks of the year"

But I mean, yeah, sure thing.

smolinsk165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

The fact is that in to years time the ps5 will have outsold the Xbox series x and S big time. This generation is gonna make the sales gap between the two even bigger then last gen. The ps5 is sought after like no other generation before. It's gonna be huge... ;-)