Heavenly Sword for Europe Launch. is reporting that Heavenly Sword will be a launch title in europe.

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OutLaw5473d ago

But that is good news if this game is a release title in Europe. I hope the same is here in the States if the PS3 ever launches.

GamerMan5473d ago (Edited 5473d ago )

I can understand enough of the language but the link didn't pull up on the actual information. All I pull up is the main page with MGS4 interview being on it.
Language is German (Deutsch) if you want to use a translator program. Took some classes on this language.

HyperBear5473d ago

I just can't wait till they give the details and info about it in English. And where is the site again, cause when I clicked on it, it gave me the site, but talked about MGS4, and the interview with Hideo Kojima.

OutLaw5473d ago

I was wondering why I didn't get any info on this game and you're right this game does look awesome. I can't help but to look at this as a female God of War type of game.

achira5473d ago

you have to scroll down a bit. it is in the middle of the site. it says:

"Heavenly Sword PAL Termin

19.06.06 - Das Actionspiel Heavenly Sword von Sony soll laut dem britischen 'Official PlayStation2 Magazine' am 17.11.06 in Europa auf den Markt kommen."

Translation: 06.19.06 - The Actiongame Heavenly Sword by sony will be launched on 11.17.06 in Europe according to the Brithish 'Official PlayStation2 Magazine'.

HyperBear5473d ago

I finally found it. Still dont get it, but itll take me a while to translate it. Thanks

HyperBear5473d ago

For translating it already. Now Ive got a good idea when to pre-order for the game.

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achira5473d ago

nice game, nice to have it at launch !!!


this will sell A LOT in japan, if they get it at launch too.

GamerMan5473d ago

Hah! that helps out a lot. I wonder if it could be at launch for US also that would be awesome. This is one of the games I'm looking forward to playing.

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The story is too old to be commented.