CD Projekt RED Hacked, Ransom Demanded

CD Projekt RED has announced that they have been hacked, and attackers have demanded a ransom or private documents, source code and more will be leaked online.

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wakeupgetmydsed97d ago

is it me or does this seem like a marketing stunt

97d ago
aaronaton97d ago

A wild guess here, but are you American by any chance?

gamer780497d ago

?? I don’t agree with him but that’s a bit Xenophobic don’t you think?

Applejack97d ago

@gamer7804 He’s probably not wrong though 😅

SullysCigar97d ago

@gamer7804, lol never go full snowflake!

metalhead97d ago

As an American....that was a legit question. I mean we have QAnon here, skeptics plague the country.

crazyCoconuts97d ago

Curiosity and skepticism are foundational for learning and evolving. Labeling runs counter to that and shuts people down. Ask questions and be willing to accept when you're wrong.

RazzerRedux97d ago

How is that question even relevant?

sourOG96d ago

lol a year ago I would have thought you were a dick for saying that. Now my resentment probably exceeds yours as an American myself. Dumb people.

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ZeekQuattro97d ago

The same thing happened to Capcom last year. Was that also a publicity stunt? Lmao

BrainSyphoned97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

""And in the company’s latest earnings report, it saw a 32.2-percent increase in operating income year-over-year, marking “the highest profit at all levels for the end of a third-quarter in company history.”"

Capcom did have a record quarter/year, not agreeing but maybe not the best counter example.

RaidenBlack97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

"Unreleased version of Witcher 3" 👀

Thunder_G0d_Bane97d ago

That’s obviously the original e3 demo version that the shitty hardware of the Xbox one an PS4 couldn’t handle so they had to scrap it an rebuild.

RaidenBlack97d ago

Or maybe the work-in-progress "next-gen" version they announced for PS5 & XSX, due for release this year?

philm8797d ago

New gen version I reckon. Also includes an upgrade for PC as well as Series X/PS5.

SethBrundlefly97d ago

The question on everybody's mind: will this potentialy lead to full insight what they knew prior to release? (Yes, obviously the hack is wrong.)

excaliburps97d ago

Seems like it since attackers said they are leaking source code and documents that will make CD Projekt look more evil or something..

TheColbertinator97d ago

Yowza. We all hear of that happening but rarely see it.

EazyC97d ago

That info was bound to get out there anyway. I'm actually genuinely surprised it hasn't already. Playing CP2077 is a bit like walking into a house with blood all over the walls -- it's very obvious that something badw was happening in CDPR, likely on a management level.

Orchard97d ago

The game was pretty broken but even they don’t deserve this.

ufo8mycat97d ago

Yes they do. They lied to consumers "The game plays great on base PS5/Xbox One", which is exactly what they said. We all know the end product.

They deserve this and more

yoshatabi97d ago

Just a game bro. Doesn't have to be like this over a videogame

KyRo97d ago

You sir have a lot of growing up to do. They're hardly going to say don't buy this game on consoles, it's below par are they. Every game company has released a dud once in a while. They don't deserve for their personal info to be breached because of it.

RgR97d ago

And what do you deserve sir?

philm8797d ago

It does play great on PS5 though. I'm playing through at the moment and loving it.

victorMaje97d ago

Get a refund. Stop pre-ordering.
They’re also getting sued.
No, they don’t deserve to get hacked.

InUrFoxHole97d ago

100% agree. These sorry saps that are siding with cd are exactly the type of gamers businesses are cultivating. Oh poor company that lied to everyone 😢.

97d ago
KoroSenpai96d ago

There are far worse game companies out there. EA and other sport game publisher are literally selling you the same game over and over with Microtransactions. You literally have to gamble your money to win in a game that you paid for.

I personally don't like what they did to Cyberpunk2077 and probably not going to buy that game in a foreseeable future. But that doesn't mean they deserve this at all. They have released good games like Witcher series in past. One mistake don't define the entire dev team.

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ufo8mycat97d ago

If this exposes more lies then I'm all for this. This goes for ANY company. Normally I do not condone hacking, but if the reason for the hack is to expose a company that has been lying to consumers/anti-consumer practises, GO FOR IT.

EazyC97d ago

Hm, yeah but it's hard to play the morally righteous card when you're demanding a ransom.

JackBNimble97d ago

If this was true then the so called hacker's would have released it already.
This seems like another CDPR con job, I feel like we are being scammed again.

KoroSenpai96d ago

Jack, if this was a con job, they wouldn't get the authorities involved. They would be shooting themselves in the foot.

gamer780497d ago

End justifies the means huh? Not really good way to live your life...

RgR97d ago

There is clear proof of mismanagement but there is yet to be any proof of intentional deception.

Otherwise refunds wouldn't have been offered how they were, they wouldn't be offering free next gen upgrades, free dlc similar to the witcher in scope, they also wouldn't have priced their game at 60$ and would have gone the famous anti consumer route of $70, etc.

They are one of the most pro consumer devs.

thesoftware73097d ago

Bro, Chill out, we get it you mad that the game dev didnt give you the game of your dreams.

Now go outside take a deep breath and repeat "Life is worth it and I will get past this" until you feel better.

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