Black Myth: Wukong Celebrates Chinese New Year With Spectacular Trailer Showing Plenty of Action

Today Chinese developer Game Science released another spectacular trailer of its impressive game Black Myth: Wukong.

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294d ago
Thunder_G0d_Bane294d ago

I really hope this game can deliver but as it’s from some unknown dev I am very skeptical but I’ll wait and see.

The monkey magic game I never got lol

RaidenBlack294d ago

Can I be brutally honest?
Compared to the Reveal Gameplay trailer, this does look a bit less smooth. Like it lost a little bit of that "wow"-charm.
Might be that they've lowered the per-object motion-blur?
Don't get me wrong ... this still looks wayy better than almost all games, the animations are silky smooth.

jwillj2k4294d ago

Doesn’t look as breath taking. Especially the last fight scene, looked PS3ish.

jwillj2k4294d ago

Yea, just the last fight scene. The one with the actual gameplay. Look at the effects as the monster hits the ground. Also look at the ground textures

hanuman2294d ago

I feel the same, my dude... Can't really put my finger on it, but this definately looks less impressive.

ABizzel1294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

It looks like the animation, framerate (could be Youtube, don't see a 60fps option), and definitely the motion blur took a big hit from the first reveal, but this is a work in progress, so we'll just have to wait and see.

The animations being cut back some are a logical change because programming all of that would have been a nightmare, and they'd have an 8-year development cycle on their hands, the game is supposed to be coming out in 2023 I believe.

Also, particle effects have been significantly turned down, and the scene and time of day don't do the game justice compared to the green forest / this desert is a bit blander looking. The Bison boss looked great though, so I assume it's just work in progress, and will get better once we see more post-processing added closer to the end and a higher framerate.

Don't get me wrong it still looks good, but I agree it's not as good as the first showing.

Dee_91294d ago

at the end, at the bottom it says its not an actual plot and they just made this sequence for the chinese new year..
so its not actually in the game..

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Beekay83294d ago

«Suuuure» after getting massively dissapointed by cyberpunk i will just respond every «cool» upcoming game by saying Suuuuure. Lets rather see what day one gaming looks like and then ill see wether i buy or not.... Fuck gaming companies, time to take a fucking stand.

SullysCigar294d ago

Agree. We've been placated with hopium for far too long. Enough lies, enough promises and talky PR waffle. SHOW us - particularly if you haven't built substantial, prolonged trust in advance.

That said...dammit, I hope this is good lol

Daeloki294d ago

It's the human rights violations for me...

VerminSC294d ago

Still looks incredible, hope it lives up to the hype.

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