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Talk reviews the Keypad, the attachable Keyboard for PS3 controllers.

"One day earlier then I expected I received Sony's official Wireless Keypad for the Playstation 3. And when trying to compare you can only do it with the 360 chatpad."

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shqype3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

17.99 GBP = 26.5077 USD, which is a much better price than the $50 retail value (or even $40 Amazon pre-order value) that we must pay in the US.

I would probably import it were it not for this tidbit of information:

"Technical Details

PAL: Will play on UK and European Playstation3 only"

It does sound a bit strange to me that a Bluetooth device would be region-limited, but I'd rather not take a chance, especially since importing it would bring it close enough to the $40 deal I got at Amazon.