Rainbow Six: Siege Is Not as Fun as It Used to Be

KeenGamer: "Ubisoft works tirelessly to keep Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege feeling fresh, but the changes are a mixed bag with some updates long overdue, others downright counterintuitive. With countless updates over the years, it's become a different game altogether."

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1nsomniac127d ago

I’ve got back into this game recently. More enjoyable than ever. Not sure what makes it less fun?

Witchcraft127d ago

Agreed, even despite little pr*cks who think TKing is an acceptable way of saying "I don't like how you play".

DragonWarrior19127d ago

I agree but I definitely have to say that nobody plays as a team, puts down or tries to disarm the diffuser. Everyone is just trying to play it like call of duty and only care about their k/d numbers and get pissed if you "take" their kills. But good lord I can't stand if the person with the diffuser doesn't place it down.

Abnor_Mal127d ago

You hit the proverbial nail on its head, that is exactly why I dislike multiplayet games. No ones wants to do the objectives and are only concerned with their kill death ratio.

That was something that killed me in Killzone team matches that no one was replacing the ammo crates after they were destroyed. Medics who are able to heal fallen comrades were running right pass them without a second glance.

When I played as a medic, I would heal the fallen and lay down covering fire as they were starting to stand back up. To me that added a secondary risk reward for myself, but at the same time helps my team have a better fighting chance to win.

I played with some randoms once just in a chokepoint hallway, I walked up on the three others and we slowly walked the hall. Enemies took out one guy, I returned fire taking out the shooter, dropped back and healed the injured ally and continued. I kept doing this wheneve mr someone went down,, and soon noticed I changed how my random team mates were playing. They were actually relying on me and we started moving like a more efficient squad. We continued to do this sweeoing rooms wiping enemies out, until the enemy finally took me out and I never found the guys again as I never looked at their names.

That's how I feel team based mp matches are supposed to be played, play your position.

coolbeans127d ago

I think a chief annoyance is the move toward gadget emphasis. Charging a flanking route isn't so much 1v1 test of reaction time and good angles but of potentially juggling an Ela Mine, Clash's shield zaps, and Tachanka's conveniently aimed fire grenades (shot from safety).

There's interesting depth to consider there, but I understand why it doesn't feel as rewarding compared to simpler times.

chicken_in_the_corn127d ago

How is this game? Is it worth checking out?

Urrakia34127d ago

Definitely. The gameplay is so addicting but be prepared for a bit of a steep learning curve. Also, the voice chat can be pretty damn hostile with toxic players which I feel there are lots of in R6S. It's incredibly rewarding when you can work with a good team tho. I recommend it.

rockwhynot127d ago

Many people love this game including me.