E3 pushes forward with plans for a digital 2021 event

Game demos and keynotes are part of ESA's proposal, but it still needs backing of publishers.

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potatoseal94d ago

Why would any publisher line up in a digital cue to be told when their pre-recorded conference or stream should air on E3's specific date and time? It's ridiculous. In this current climate E3 needs to die. Publishers should stream what they want at their own time. They don't need E3, especially not a digital only E3.

isarai94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Well, takes a lot of the guess work out, all they'd have to do is submit their video and let them handle the rest. Plus if done right, a single unified event could still be really cool. Last year everything got spread so thin over that summer of gaming thing, it really killed a lot of that excitement

AngelicIceDiamond94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I disagree I think it made the entire summer engaging. E3 is only 1 week out of the year something I've disagreed with for awhile. We have to wait an entire year for major gaming news to dump in one week every year? Granted SGF last year had a bunch of Indie games, good for indie companies of course but point is it was more or less unpredictable the way Geoff set it up.

Truth be told I hate waiting a full year just to watch someone like EA and even Ubisoft as of late bore me to death with no worthwhile announcements. Having it spread out means we get to have events in the summer and even after the summer. Fall events. Events should be happen most of the year not just waiting an entire year to have 1 event from multiple publishers.

isarai94d ago (Edited 94d ago )


Well i got a job, and stuff to do, it's hard enough for me to find time to play these days let alone research and plan around months of livestreams and events. I'd rather it be condensed to a single event, makes it easier plus i can make a day out of it with me and my friends, but to each their own i guess 🤷‍♂️

AngelicIceDiamond94d ago

Geoff VS E3 I'm having hard time seeing any major publisher partnering with E3 especially with a six figure fee.

Geoff for the passed 10 years has finally put together events that aren't over hyped, a waste of time or worse not giving into big corporations for money. Doritoes and mountain Dew anyone. He's coming to his own with his events and doing it his way. Giving major or minor publishers a chance to show what they got. Props to Geoff he's attracting allot of publishers and stealing the Thunder out of E3.

potatoseal94d ago

His shows for sure have become better and better since the earlier days. Nowhere near as cringe as they used to be. But he'll always be the Dorito Pope in my eyes ;-)

Viking_mo93d ago

Wasn't their a breach where everyones info got leaked? Why would anyone want to go back