GameStop Wants You To Visit During A Pandemic For A Shiny Pokemon

A new Pokemon promo is asking players to visit GameStop stores in order to receive a shiny Pokemon.

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rockwhynot127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I called them yesterday and told then to visit the websites and hoping that upper management will pull some strings. Gamestop has an incentive to crush the pandemic in order to increase foot traffic in their stores.

mikeslemonade126d ago

It’s a pandemic? That’s what the leftist want you to think it is.

rockwhynot126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

...has an incentive to crush the plandemic* in order to... There fixed it.

46player127d ago

Pandemic is BS. Go work and buy stuff!

RgR127d ago

It really is barely a pandemic.

People die in millions from the flu but you don't hear anyone crying pandemic.

Covid as the sole diagnosis in an individual has barely killed anyone.

Is it okay then? Well only as okay as you are with the idea of the inevitable death we will all have to face eventually.

roadkillers127d ago

...inevitable death hey? Better stop by and pick up a revive to place in your pokepouch

swifty1127d ago

Easy big fella, dude you realize this is a gaming site right? And BTW, the flu killed like 650,000 people in 2019 worldwide. In 1 year COVID has killed 2.4 million. So yeah it is a pandemic. And I’m sure the election was ”stolen” from trump, right??

Sophisticated_Chap127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Coincidentally, flu rates have dropped by 95% since covid came along. On top of that, the total deaths for 2020 are well within the range of average total deaths per year in virtually every country. They even show this on Health Canada's own website.

This is being used to take away people's liberty and their rights, so that governments around the world can implement 'The Great Reset'. This has been in the works for decades, and has been spearheaded by The World Economic Forum (Davos Group & Klaus Schwab), the Bilderberg Group, the United Nations (Agenda 2030), Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and other bodies.

Unless people stop being stupid, and look into what the plan is for themselves and everyone around them, we're screwed. This is essentially a takedown of Western Europe, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Some of the WEC's marketing materials say "by 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy". It's basically global communism for the masses, while the rich and the powerful own and run everything.

Profchaos127d ago

Sounds like your fortune enough that you or the people you care about haven't been directly impacted.

127d ago
garos82127d ago

@swifty1 thats what Time magazine seems to be implying about elections. They dont call it "stolen". Just "fortified", but hey you do you

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Axecution127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Ugh just chill. Stores are allowed to have promos during the pandemic... there is no rule against that even in Canada where we literally have a stay at home order in Ontario and Quebec has the same but with an 8pm curfew.

Shoppers Drug Mart (huge canadian place for y'all muricans) just had a huge optimum points weekend and I grabbed two ps5 games and a switch. Wal-Mart and Best Buy and other stores that are deemed essential enough to stay open are still allowed to have sales and promos for games.

Over-dramatic af whiney article lmao. If you live in a place that's numbers are low enough to allow EB Games to have their doors still opened then this shiny pokemon isn't going to be a problem.

Unknown_Gamer5794126d ago

Yeah, we all should do our part to end this pandemic so things can get back to normal...but as long as everyone is reasonable, going shopping shouldn't be a problem. I blame illegal house parties (and beach and street parties in the summertime) for the bulk of the spread. Wear your mask, sanitize afterwards, and there should be no harm in going to a store.

Yes, not all regions are created equal. Some regions have a lot of cases. If you're in Ontario and Quebec, good luck, lulz. Also, the bigger a city, the more likely it is to be a hot zone. But, I was talking to someone from a remote town that had zero cases, and he said they have to follow all the same rules anyways, and was wondering why policies aren't region-specific.

Kabaneri127d ago

Doesn't Gamestop know that only essential businesses (cough cough mega-corporations) can be open during this pandemic. Its fine to go to Walmart or the Super Bowl but how dare you visit a Gamestop.

RgR127d ago

It's fine to go most anywhere except those places that big tech and certain political parties don't want you to be in.

Unknown_Gamer5794126d ago

Lulz. Agreed. Setting aside how dumb people get around the Super Bowl, if you feel safe going to Walmart, there's no reason not to feel safe going to any other store. If there's a store where people are more likely than any other to flaunt the rules, it's Walmart. The Walmartians are known for a lot of things. Complying with simple instructions is not one of them. You're far less likely to catch COVID at GameStop.

On a side note, I guess circumstances exist when GameStop isn't public enemy number one. Who knew?

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