What Is Going On With Killer Instinct?

The Xbox might not have lots of fighting games, but it does have Killer Instinct. The question is, where's the series going?

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darthv72177d ago

Iron Galaxy should come back to continue this. They did a really good job with pickup the mantle from Double Helix. With more IP's to draw influence from... I'm sure they could make an even bigger follow-up.

Atom666176d ago

I was curious to see if they'd maybe look to someone like Yoshinori Ono to head up a new Japanese studio focused on fighters.

I think there's value to having a studio solely focused on maybe 2 or 3 fighter series. Look at Arc's output with their 120 or so person staff. MS could easily justify that kind of team.

There's value in having a focus on fighters for their exclusive library. Here's my thoughts:

New team makes a new KI.
Same team also makes a new hand drawn 2d fighter IP.
Fund a deal with Sega to do the new Virtua Fighter.

BlackIceJoe177d ago

I personally hope Microsoft creates a new studio. Hire ex Double Helix, Iron Galaxy and NetherRealm Studios, then Microsoft can have a permanent video game studio, to work on Killer Instinct or other fighter games.

Tedakin176d ago

Exactly. Why aren't they just creating a new team to focus solely on KI and try to get some of the top people who made the last one to come on board. The core leadership team at MS is still intact on the project.

CaptainHenry916176d ago

Killer instinct is decent but there's way better fighting games out there. Killer Instinct is a simple fighting game with no depth and also forgettable

CaptainHenry916176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

I've played better fighting games. Killer Instinct is average at best

AngelicIceDiamond176d ago

Pulling off 100+ combos how does the game have no depth?

It's funny you think your opinions matter when it comes to Xbox related stuff. I think that's the biggest joke of all.

CaptainHenry916176d ago

I didn't know this was an Xbox exclusive 🤔

TheColbertinator176d ago

Simple fighting games deserve their own spotlight though. Not everything needs to be overly complicated to be fun or popular with FGC

boing1176d ago

That's exactly what you say when you don't understand the game.

CaptainHenry916176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

I understand Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Tekken, and so on

Snookies12176d ago

Ummmm... What? You've never touched this game, or this series have you?

CaptainHenry916176d ago (Edited 176d ago )

I've touched it plenty but again there's way better fighting games out there imo

Gunstar75176d ago

You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Ki has a massive following and it's a pretty complex game when you get to a certain level, but novices can also have fun pulling large conbos. Maybe this is why are are confused.

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Tedakin176d ago

It must be Iron Galaxy and Adam Heart, who was the lead combat designer dude. They nailed it so hard and need to return.

swifty1176d ago

Lol last I played this was n64, 20 yrs ago. Microsoft owns the license?? Huh til

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