Quick, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is discounted to just $30 right now

If you’re looking for a reason to pick up the new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, here’s one, it’s down to just $30 right now on either the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. It typically sells for $60

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seanpitt2369d ago

This link directs you to Amazon and with me being in uk it’s Still £50 haha they having a laugh

Darkborn69d ago

Still not worth it. I can't bring myself to even try to continue this game.

phoenixwing69d ago

I get that feeling too. When I saw how everything was padded out for those boosters I just lost all motivation to play.

Shiken69d ago

I beat it without any grinding at all. There is no incentive to even bother with boosters lol.

The game is easy. You gain levels like crazy, so the "340" area people are scared of os jist bloated. At level 200 I could easily do thay content, and I was level 290ish by the time I got to the final area. No grinding, no boosters.

But that is not to say that another problem does not exist. The game is too drawn put. I finished it at about the 90 hour mark doing some of the bigger aide missions. Now 90 hours in of itself is not a bad thing, BotW, Xenoblade, and Skyrim have way more than that. The difference is I did not FEEL that 100+ hours in those games. But I DID FEEL them in Valhalla, if that makes sense.

Right around the 40 hour mark, I was ready for it to end. It was fun up till that point, but it got repetitive and the gameplay loop just does not support those long hours like the other games do. So to sum it up, the game does not have a problem with grinding or boosters. It is too easy if anything. But the gameplay feels bland and repetitive by the time you are even halfway through.

Killer73nova69d ago

Just waiting for the dlc to go down in price

Chocoburger69d ago

I gave up on the series after Odyssey. All grind and filler, nothing interesting. The combat was boring, the AI was trash, and the story wasn't worth a damn either. If Valhalla is anything like Origins and Odyssey, you wasted not only your currency, but the hours of your life playing a game that has no redeeming value.

GoodGuy0969d ago

And will probably go below $15 holiday 21. Never buy a ubi game at launch lol.

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