Opinion: Can Phil Harrison save Atari?

Following this week's slew of new announcements

Can Phil Harrison save Atari?

So Atari has finally pulled back the curtain on its new line-up for early 2009, with a solid number of interesting new titles announced.

And while there was nothing particularly surprising in the line-up, as TechRadar reported yesterday, it was certainly nice to see a once great gaming brand look like it was back on the up.

Since the announcements, one question has been whispered around the TechRadar office – can Phil Harrison save Atari? Can the ex-Sony man turn around the slow-burning financial disaster that the once-mighty Atari had become in recent years?

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UltimateIdiot9113700d ago

I think he will save Atari from a faith like Midway but not make it a huge giant like EA.

zoydwheeler3700d ago

Careful there, don't stick your neck out and say something controversial!! (This is sarcasm btw).