Final Fantasy VII Remake To Get New Content Announcement On February 13

Final Fantasy VII Remake will get new content announcement during the Orchestra Concert that will be held on February 13 according to Square Enix.

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Nyxus60d ago

I would love to hear something about the next part, but maybe it's just an announcement for ports to other platforms.

Godmars29060d ago

They already said "new content" for the first part for a multi part remake of a game that was just one entry in what use to be the brand title for a series of games.

Godmars29060d ago

Because its Square Enix.

bouzebbal60d ago

I'm curious what that could be.. I'll be watching

60d ago

Bring on that PS5 version!

SDuck60d ago

Love how they held back extra content until the end of the exclusivity contract with Sony lol Gimme that PC port already!

Sephiroushin60d ago

Actually theyre probably releasing stuff they were adding to the port to the ps4, maybe a ps5 version or 60fps for ps5 as well....

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The story is too old to be commented.