GTA 4 (PC): Graphics settings compared

PCGH compared the video options of the PC version of GTA 4. They also say that you have to edit the exe file of GTA 4 with "-norestrictions" and "-nomemrestrict" so that you can adjust the details independent to the video memory of your graphics card.

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Foxgod3698d ago

wow, virtually no difference between low and high settings.
except for the texture detail, that one does show some major difference....

Perjoss3698d ago

no matter what people think of the game itself, the engine was amazing, the sheer size of the city and the amount of detail with no loading screens.

narked3698d ago

the pop ins can be seen clearly on low settings, how can i not be restricted by the memory ?

sloth4urluv3698d ago

Yeah, texture detail and draw distance, besides that I didnt see much difference.

Might be more noticble ingame.

3698d ago
killalot1003698d ago

this game is great on the pc but this comparisons dont work because they dont show res differences. the game running at 1920x1200 is just going to look better then a lower res as long as they are on the same settings.

likedamaster3698d ago

I think the PC version looks good, man... Looks like I will be getting it for the PC too! I got 100% for this game on 360 btw.

TheIneffableBob3698d ago

It's quite obvious that Rockstar did not put enough time and effort into the PC version. I'm disappointed.

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