Bids To Fight Console And GPU Scalping, Mass Effect Legendary Edition Debate, and Blizzcon 2021

Gareth, Justin, and Michael at Skewed and Reviewed look at Bids To Fight Console And GPU Scalping, Mass Effect Legendary Edition Debate, The Suicide Squad, and Blizzcon 2021.  

1:34 PS5 Console shortages semiconductor
12:15 Mass Effect Legenday Edition - Pinnacle Station DLC

21:25 Blizzcon Online

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ZeroBlue265d ago

I just want a 5600x at MSRP...
How much longer must I wait? :(


I just want to update my 3700x to a 5900x, using a Asrock x470 a simple BIOS update and I drop it in, but I need to find that CPU first 🤔😒 I got real lucky during the 2nd week of Jan. when EVGA sent me an email that their RTX 3070 XC3 ULTRA was in stock ready to buy, well I bought it, for $559 I was hoping for a Super version but that won't come anytme soon or never lol. Now what was funny was I got a 2nd email from them again on Feb. 3rd that the same card was available to buy again I mean, lucky 2x? Weird. I left it in the queue so someone else can buy it. I waited until early Nov. on the waiting list.

Garethvk65d ago

I had a new card in the cart multiple times. Would not ship, said I had to pick up and then after telling me where I could get it; it said sorry not available to pick up here. I looked at locales all over, same story. I finally got it direct from manufacturer. A staffer had to play 125 over SRP for theirs.


From which retailer? EVGA ships directly from them no pick up. 125$ above retail is not too bad, I have seen many 3070s over $1000 Look at this from ebay: It's just insane now.

Garethvk65d ago

Mine was done via our press rep so I was able to order directly through the company via a form.