Nvidia Continues to Disappoint Many Loyal Customers

5 months have passed, and the RTX 30 Series is still primarily unavailable/Out of Stock. This article explains why that is the case, as to why a few reasons might actually make it even harder to get one now.

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saint_seya65d ago

Also lately drivers have been a mess. Idk whats wrong, it seems they release them without proper testing.

Eamon65d ago

Yeh I had to roll back the latest version. Embarrassing for Nvidia.

65d ago
Fiddlerblue65d ago

You would think Nvidia or AMD would have recognized the crypto market as an area ripe for expansion and made GPUs that are purpose built for crypto mining. That way, the gaming GPUs could go to actual gamers.

The global semiconductor shortage seems to be hitting everyone too.

Inverno65d ago

Companies tend to adapt slowly or not adapt at all from what I've seen. Just look at the rise of online shopping and how most companies still have pretty bad online storefronts. The top heads are usually hardheaded and so long as they're still profiting they don't care. It's mostly out fault, these companies owe us but some people think it's the other way around

Fiddlerblue65d ago

That's the truth. I work for a company (that will remain nameless, but you've likely heard of it) that has an online storefront and I've flat out told our IT department that the search algorithm implemented on our site is garbage. Most of the time, I have to Google the item I'm looking for and then pull it up on our website in the results. It's terrible.

FinalFantasyFanatic64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Haven't they already made crypto focused GPUs (the ones that don't have video output)? Or do you mean specifically the 30 series? I surmise they just don't have the chips to make crypto versions as well as gaming GPUs for the latest cards.

Espangerish65d ago

Bit harsh on nvidia this headline. The global semi conductor issues affect PS5s, Xboxes or AMD cards about either.

My beef with Nvidia is that the low vram on the 3080 and ridiculously expensive overkill of ram on the 3090 makes both cards appealing (as a 2080ti owner). Both cards miss the sweet spot for me.

Hope they release the 3080ti soon.

lonewolf1065d ago

Yes it did come across as a bit if a bash at one side. The 10GB of ram on the 3080 should be fine for me at 1440p, but yeah it should of been higher (the 3080Ti is reported as only having 12GB now instead of 20GB)

Neonridr65d ago

very few games max out that 10GB of RAM. That also depends on what you plan on running at. @1440p for example you will probably never max it out. Very few games use 10GBs of VRAM. I do think 12 would have been better, but it is what it is.

StoneyYoshi64d ago

"very few games max out that 10GB of RAM"

For now.

Neonridr64d ago

@StoneyYoshi - sure, that may change over time, who knows.

Nerdmaster65d ago

My peak disappointment with Nvidia was when they dropped support for 3D Vision. Comparing to that, waiting for a few more months to buy its latest GPU is not so terrible.

Piggeroni65d ago

got a 3060ti AIB import coming only slightly more than founders and also a 3080 coming that i will use both for mining, may as well

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