Atelier Ryza 2, Azur Lane, & More: Here Are The Video Game Figures Revealed at Wonder Festival

Today is the day of the Winter 2021 Edition of the popular new figure exhibition Wonder Festival, which this year was held exclusively online.

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ZeroBlue262d ago

Why is it so hard to get a physical copy of ryza 1?

Nyxus62d ago

Probably because Ryza 2 just released and people are getting into the series. I've been thinking of getting a copy myself.

ZeroBlue262d ago

Perhaps they underestimated the demand. I've never played an Atelier game, but was thinking of taking the plunge with Ryza, but I'm not about to pay $85 for it, lol. Fortunately, I've recently added about 6 months of Jrpg to my backlog with Ys VIII and Disgaea 5, both of which I will get to after I finally finish FF15 (didn't really get into it upon release).

phoenixwing62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I'm on pc so it's really hard to get a physical copy lol. I own the steam version.

ZeroBlue262d ago

Yeah, it's kind of a shame that physical PC copies have nearly gone the way of the dinosaur. I like to have a physical display of my collection, which is a major factor in why I often choose console version over PC even though my PC will run games better.

62d ago
ZeekQuattro61d ago

I doubt Koei expected the game to be so well received and produced what they normally do for a niche series that's been around for 20+ years. After that that just probably figured if people really wanted it they would download it. I would blame the sequel but it's been like this before the followup was even confirmed.