Why Nintendo Should Change Pack-In Titles

This is an Editorial on The Wiire talking about the idea of Nintendo changing their pack-in game structure. It proposes ideas for new games that could come with the system other than Wii Sports, and how this sort of change would boost the eventual decreasing sales of the console and be beneficial to gamers as well. From the article "Is it Time for Nintendo to Change Their Pack-in Games?":

"Wii Sports makes for almost every person's first experience with the console. It is an incredibly polished game for a simple pack-in, and its inclusion works well for Nintendo. But could this be helping bring in fewer gamers that would pay attention to future wonders like Disaster: Day of Crisis, or The Conduit? Is Wii Sports bringing in 'casual' gamers more effectively than 'core' gamers?"

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gw4k3701d ago

Change a lot of things when it comes to the Wii. This is the first system from Nintendo that I haven't played since I bought it. Where are the games Nintendo?

Who cares what it comes with, us real gamers want some real games!

It is funny Nintendo got so many of us to buy a Gamecube for a second time! Haha

Good one Nintendo!

tiberious1513701d ago

I got brawl with my wii and mario strikers is also another bundle thats out there. Wii sports comes with those games in addition. I think its up to the stores what bundles go with what

IanCube3701d ago

Think of it this way, Wii Sports is the only game that EVERY Wii owner owns.

Stores with their own bundles have a much lesser impact than Nintendo does packing in a game with every hardware sale.