Pokemon Sword and Shield is the Best 3D Entry

Despite the controversy surrounding it, this is the best mainline 3D entry to date.

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Inverno66d ago

Pokemon Colosseum would beg to differ.

curtain_swoosh66d ago

colosseum is a spin off series tho. lol. the article is about mainline games

Inverno65d ago

Regardless Colosseum is better than Sword and Shield

Outlawzz66d ago

That's not saying much lol

ABizzel166d ago

I'm confused where's the other mainline 3D entry? Let's GO is 2.5D, and Colosseum aren't mainline games.

badz14966d ago

This kind of stupid and empty recognition is the main reason the IP will remain stale and stuck tech-wise in the past in the hands of GF.

Meh...Pokemon fans enjoy mediocrity anyway and buy these low tech games in the millions. Good for them I guess

RavenTears66d ago

Sword and Shield story is bad and boring with an annoying childhood friend, graphics look outdated, Dynamaxing is a boring and stale gimmick, Elite Four fight is repetitive and lazy, not a good antagonist, epilogue was meh, short and lazy, 2 dlc felt like a cash grab and very short . I would rather play the other 3d entry than this. Pokemon Let's Go is a better 3D entry even though it hold my hands the entire time.

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