Astro’s Playroom Update Version 1.500.000 Detailed

It's only been a few days since Team Asobi updated Astro's Playroom to version 1.400.000 and here is the latest updated detailed.

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toxic-inferno852d ago

It may be wishful thinking, but I'd love it if they were slowly paving the way for more content.

Darkborn852d ago

I seriously want a sequel this game was so much fun to play.

victorMaje852d ago

I smiled from start to finish. I’d buy a sequel day 1.

DarkZane852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

I know it was technically a tech demo, so it was shorter. However, I would definitely buy a full fledged non-vr sequel.

I don't mind VR, but I do hope they don't lock full games behind VR only.

fr0sty852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

The VR game is still the best one. It expanded the platformer genre in ways that simply are not possible in 2D.

ScootaKuH852d ago

Same, I thought it was excellent. I'd like Sony to invest a more into the character and bring out a fully fledged game. Astro could easily be the PlayStation mascot.

SullysCigar851d ago

^ @fr0sty, this - the VR game, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, was so fresh, inventive and playful! I'm really pleased more people will get to feel the character's charm via PS5, but it would be a shame if they didn't make another VR entry. It's one of the best VR games ever made.

Calling it now: PSVR2 launch title - tbf it hardy takes Nostradamus to call that one lol

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Phoenix76852d ago

Have you played Rescue Mission on the VR yet? That was absolutely amazing

Darkborn852d ago

No but I heard many good things about it. I should get to it sometimes especially because I have a psvr.

toxic-inferno851d ago

I had a go on it at a friend's house a couple of years ago, but I don't have PS VR myself!

Tacoboto851d ago

How cool it would be if they use Astro as a way to announce new hardware?

Push out a new level and have us unlock a PSVR2 render. Or a DualSense Back Button Attachment.

SullysCigar851d ago

Amazing idea - and so in keeping with the theme of the PS5 game!

NecrumOddBoy852d ago

Added stability fixes
Performance improvements.
Addressed game loading issues.
Other minor bug fixes.

Don’t even click this ad-ridden site.

gaffyh852d ago

I'll get the owner to reduce the ads, they bother me too

Magog852d ago

What a great game. Every piece of it is alive and vibrant. Reminded me of the first time I fired up the original Crash Bandicoot but with better gameplay. Absolute love letter to the history of Playstation with cameos and references everywhere you look. Astrobot needs to get a proper full length sequel ASAP.

fr0sty852d ago

Check out the VR game in the mean time.

talocaca852d ago

I got so excited when my game updated 😒

I truly thought it would be a new level or any other kind of expansion.....

usmanheadsetreviews852d ago

I got so excited when my game updated 😒

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