180° "Don't count out the PS3 just yet"

"Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3 was supposed to be a console so advanced that even nongamers wouldn't balk at its $499-$599 price tag.

But judging from the system's sluggish sales, the marketplace may not have been ready for such an expensive game console and media center."

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HandShandy4903d ago

I work for a large British Electrical retailer and to be honest all we ever have enquiries about is the Wii and the DS. No one mentions the xbox360 or they only mumble about the PS3 follwed by "HOW MUCH!!!??" When I announce them the price of it.

I am a total techno geek, I change my TV every 2 years along with my PC and other electrical appliances. Call me sad, call me an idiot - but it's my hobby... it's what intrests me, just like some people like playing football for a living.

I certainly do not think the Market is ready for the PS3. The PS3 is too far ahead of it's time, the launch of the Xbox360 certainly proved this. In my eyes the Xbox360 has been a decent and valuble upgrade to most semi-core and hard core gamers, good games.. HD Support and super online service. While the Kids who beg their moms for santa to bring them a PS2 can stick with the PS2 for the next few years.

The PS3 towers above every console and consumer computer out there like something from the next decade. No one can admit that it's rubbish, c'mon people on PAPER the PS3 is a fantastic thing. I think it's a bargain for it's price.

What annoys me about the whole PS3 Pricing issue is that someone like me, who understands the full benefits of a PS3 isn't bothered about paying £425 for a console with all the trimmings. Most people are stupid and don't see this. Seeing only a pricetag and a blackbox. People even complained about the price of the PSP and the Xbox 360 and I was like "WHAT! Shut up you cheap bastards, does everyone want everything for nothing?"

I don't plan on getting a new games console until the new PS4 is out or if some Miracle M$ manage to succesfully release a new games console. So £425 is not that much to pay for something that will last me 6-10 years.

Idiots and their wallets destroy the consumer electronics market.

Karebear4903d ago

I completely agree. I use my PS3 to do a LOT more than play games. I surf the web, play youtube videos full screen on my tv, go through digital photo albums with friends, download/convert/play uncopyrighted videos, listen to my music collection through the big home theater system... The list goes on and on.

I get up in the morning, turn on the tv and ps3, eat my breakfast while reading the news on the bigscreen. Then in the evenings I turn on my BT headset and play Resistance Fall of Man with no wires cluttering up my life. I was an avid SOCOM 2/3 player and HATED the tangle of cables for keyboard, headset, controller, yuck!

The PS3 is really a bargain when you actually can use it or understand HOW to use it. Once I put linux on it I'll be able to use emulators to play old Nintendo/SNES/N64 games, and I'm looking into playing older Windows games on it like Knights of the Old Republic.

After the March update I'll be downloading movies and doing anything the Xbox 360 can do online. Once the game developers get the hang of the SixAxis, and the new eyetoy comes out, any advantage the Wii had is gone.

I know I'll get flamed for all this, but whatever. Its exactly what I needed when I needed it to complete my system. I'd have paid a grand for it.

calderra4903d ago

Doing anything the 360 can do online? Not quite. There are the exclusive games like Halo 3, for starters. Then there's the truly unified online- if someone's online and playing Need for Speed, on 360 you can invite them to chat and tell them how to find me to link up for some fun in Gears. It's the little bits like this that continue to distinguish the systems.

(and assuming you do own a PC...)
Refresh me on how you're doing anything on PS3 you couldn't already do with your computer? You could've bought a conversion box or VGA cable, and done anything you can do on your PC on your TV, which seems to be what you want to do. Wireless keyboards, wireless joypads, internet browsing with no restrictions, media conversion with no restrictions, etc. Sure, you can't play console exclusives, but then again the PS3 could have cost a lot less moolah if it wasn't "more" than a gaming box, and A/V switchers don't sound like they're out of your price range.

It's nice that you can choose to do this on a PS3, but c'mon, you could've already done all of that on your PC in the first place. What's the advantage of doing it on the relatively feature-crippled and overpriced PS3?

HandShandy4902d ago


Fantastic it sounds like you have made a good purchase with both your PC and Xbox 360. Your happy with the online service and you (at this moment) don't see the need to invest in a PS3, your not a minority or something. Not someone with a stupid oppinion. It's just that I've heard it before and I'm not intrested in why your trying to put people off the PS3. Stick to your 360 if you love it so much. I had to put up with the 360 for a damn year.... at least now you have a choice.

Karebear. You made some fair points there mate, the PS3 is a very useful system if you know how to use it. However it can't do anything a PC can't already do.... it's just convenient for when ur lying in bed and want to browse the internet or view photos on a lovely HD Screen.

Linux expands it's functionality massively and it's a good additional thing if you want to make the full worth of the PS3.

I know how you feel about the wires hell of the PS2, but gone are those days because now everything is Blutooth or wi-fi.

Again the PS3 is a newly released console so obviously it will take some time for the full potential of the PS3 to come out - in the mean time the "Unfortunate misguided idiots" who bought PS3s have to take flak from M$ loyalists until something amazing does show up. I think Motorstorm should shut most of them up for at least a while. Remember it took nearly a year for the xbox360 to start churning out good games, so why can't the PS3 take the same amount of time.

Before this turns into a full raving hardware fanboy debate I would like to say cheers to both of you for the good points and I hope we all have fun on our seperate systems.


Booneral4902d ago

Both PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 systems are to be used as "Gaming Systems" in the first place. It's nice to have extra features but hell, you are not paying for MediaStation 3 or MediaBox360 in the first place.

Of course we should take a look at systems as a whole, but then it will be down to "people's choice" and then again nobody has the right to interfere with other peoples decisions and choices.

I solely bought my Xbox360 for gaming, as I did the same with PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube in the past, enjoyed them all. Now I am enjoying my Xbox360 for gaming, and I will just wait a little longer for PlayStation 3 since it's price tag is pretty high for a "gaming system" (for me, that is), and there are no games I am interested in.

It's a matter of choice and area of usage which differs from person to another in this case, and everyone should respect each other for that matters right now.

DJ4902d ago

Most people are just going to use their systems for gaming, but I imagine that quite a few are doing what Karebear does. I would love to have one machine for everything, and by the time we hit PS4 I can totally imagine having everything from word processing to programs like AIM and Itunes running off of it.