Nintendo Reveals Key Breath of the Wild 2 Details

Nintendo has released Breath of the Wild 2 details in a marketing pamphlet.

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Inverno65d ago

I hope the sequel confirms that the hero from 10,000 years before BoTW is actually Ganon. Cause the in-game depiction is literaly a red hair guy

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beanplant65d ago

I just need alot more dungeons (more traditional like the old games) and please add fishing and get rid of the weapon durability and I would be happy.

franwex65d ago

Fishing bro? Really? Every other game has that now.

Nebaku65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Yeah, add fishing to a game where there are 1000 ways to kill and obtain fish.

Smellsforfree65d ago

The way they designed the beasts as dungeons and the shrines as mini-dungeons was fine with me, but it just needed more variety in terms of background music and tile set/themes. More traditional dungeons would be great if by traditional that also means variety.

RedDevils64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Weapons durability is fine if they make it like Dark cloud.

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neutralgamer199265d ago

More dungeons
Better and more enemy variety
Better bosses
A much better story
Weapons that don't break as fast

Even though the first game got
universal praise I think this game has a lot of room for improvement and could be much better

Zeldafan6465d ago

Finally making Zelda playable would be the only thing I'd add to your list.

Zeldafan6463d ago

I forgot about adding underwater swimming

OG_TK_Cole65d ago

I cant wait for this to drop

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The story is too old to be commented.