Chun Li leaked

Joblo writes-
I've got to say these new stills from STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN-LI really cheered me up. And not in a "wow that WATCHMEN trailer was SO awesome" kinda way but in a "wow this is going to be so bad, I think Jason Adams should already start working on his 'Awfully Good' column" kinda way. I mean it's pretty safe to say that we all thought that Kristen Kreuk starring in a STREET FIGHTER movie about Chun-Li was going to be pretty ridiculous, but this has impressed me with just how ridiculous it looks. The film is currently set for a February release

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riksweeney3697d ago

Damn, it looks like Ryu isn't in it. I was looking forward to his name being mispronounced (It's Ri-o, not Rie-o).

Oh my God, Taboo (Whoooooooooo?) is going to play Vega. This is going to be hilarious.

vitz33697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

The title of this article is so hilarious. Lol.

Next week: Chun Li movie, voluntarily taken offline by pirates. Saves world the pain of this crap movie.

I'd download a copy just to delete it.

Cwalat3697d ago

what moron choose this actress for the movie?

tell me?

she looks like a teenager with paris hilton "slimage" syndrom..
Chun Li has about 60Lbs more muscle tissue...

isn't this the actress that plays Lana in Smallville?
wow, the best they could come up with?

low budget?
or high budget with "fission mailed"-type of director and producer?

Bonsai12143697d ago

its already been established that she does not have Chun Li's thunder thighs..

JsonHenry3697d ago

She does not have enough leg muscle to be Chun-Li...

Sitdown3697d ago to give you bubbles for bring my attention to the title.

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Sayai jin3697d ago

I am afraid you are going to be right on this one. It could of turned out to be a really good movie. It appears that the DBZ movie is going to be a joke to. The guy playing Piccolo is going to his regular color. The fight scenes look pathetic. :(

devilhunterx3697d ago

can it be worse then Dead Or Alive? Lets see

ahnonamis3697d ago

I think the better question is "Will it be BAD bad, or the kind of bad that's fun to watch and make fun of with friends?"

I'm betting on the first.

Reibooi3697d ago

Kinda sick and tired of Hollywood ruining everything. All they really needed to do was cast someone who would FIT THE ROLE. Other then that as long as the story didn't suck horribly it would have been a decent movie.

riksweeney3697d ago

I loved Street Fighter: The Movie when Bison took out a 6 button arcade control stick and used it to blow up Guile's boat (with Kylie on it).

"Game Over!"

socomnick3697d ago

You guys remember the ending of street fighter the movie. How van Daam and the rest of the cast got into a pose, the same winning pose if you won a match in street fighter.

Did not work at all. Just ended up looking goofy.

Sitdown3697d ago

hideous Bison's psycho crusher was in the movie. Hahah.

3697d ago
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