Happy Birthday PlayStation

Colin McFedran on writes: "A mere 14 years ago the PlayStation was released in Japan on Dec 3rd.

1994 was a great year of firsts. Nelson Mandela became the first black South African president; the first passengers travelled down the long-awaited Channel Tunnel; and the first series of a promising sitcom called Friends gained major plaudits in the US. It was also the first time that consumer electronics giant Sony had bravely attempted to enter the highly competitive games console market..."

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Nathan Drake3701d ago

apart from the Ps2,of course.

Ahh,I miss the good ol FF7 and Ocarina of Time days

NJShadow3701d ago

Same here man. Things just seemed so much simpler and the games were so genuinely fun! Man, you're gonna have me playing FF7 again! =)

MrWonderful3701d ago

ahh mine still runs like i just bought it. i think i might fire it up and live the good ol days again

NJShadow3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Ha ha, yeah. Believe it or not, I did a full clean out of my PSOne a few months ago. Took it apart, washed every piece of plastic, dried it and carefully pieced it back together. Looks brand new now. =)

gw4k3701d ago

I didn't realize you wish happy birthday to someone or something that is dead!

NJShadow3701d ago

Uh, the PlayStation brand isn't dead...

eagle213701d ago

Excellence, pure excellence! :)

I'm still in love! :p

Mr PS33701d ago

Happy Birthday Playstation
Thanks for the Memories
Sorry about Dumping you for the PS2
But Don't Take it too Hard i Dumped the PS2
For the PS3
But all is Good

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